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Why Amish heaters and what makes them so popular and special? Widely regarded as an energy saving alternative for your heating needs and small enough to save space, Amish electric fireplaces are indeed the perfect solution to keep your electricity bill down and your family and friends warm. They are most effective in a mid-sized room to small sized room, we would not recommend a room larger than 600 square feet.

How do they work? An Amish heater provides heat via quartz infrared bulbs, therefore they are also widely known as an infrared heater. As the quartz infrared bulbs heat up, a small fan inside of the Amish electric fireplace heater circulates the heat into the surrounding area via the space heater and from there the heat dissipates evenly throughout the atmosphere of the room. What really makes the Amish fireplace "Amish" is the wooden mantel. The wooden mantels on Amish heaters are high quality pieces that are handcrafted and hand carved by the Amish people. As each piece is meticulously handcrafted you can see why these quartz heaters are beautiful, unique, and functional.

Amish heaters are best utilized in the rooms of your home that have trouble receiving heat from the household heater. Instead of turning up your thermostat to provide heat to the smaller and further rooms in your home, you can instead have an Amish infrared heater do the job which will in turn help you save a considerable amount of money on your electricity bill every month. Decorate any room with a stylish Amish quartz heater, they are great looking pieces of furniture, functional, and are sure to improve the ambiance of any room for family and friends. Purchase your Amish portable heater today and enjoy the convenience of being able to provide heat in the room of choice for the evening. always guarantees the lowest prices, and the best service, so please do not hesitate to contact any of our helpful sales representatives today with any questions or concerns!
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Amish Fireplace

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33" Infrared Premium Oak Rolling Mantel Electric Fireplace - 23IRM1500-O107
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