Do electric fireplaces really work?

Staying warm can be done efficiently, affordably and with a little ambiance through the use of an electric fireplace. It is a common misconception that electric fireplaces do not generate heat; most models produce about 5,000 BTU’s of heat, while others can produce up to 10,000 BTU’s. While this is not enough to heat an entire house, it will allow the thermostat to be turned down, which allows heat to be generated and enjoyed in the room most often occupied.

An electric fireplace is comparable to an electric heater but has more style and flair. The heating element is called an electric resistor, which allows electric current to be converted from electric energy into heat energy. The heating element warms up automatically once the fireplace is plugged in, providing instant warmth.

Settings on an electric fireplace can vary how the heat is transferred; an internal fan is capable of spreading the warmth across a room up to 400 square feet in size. The design of an electric fireplace ensures that none of the heat is lost, as the fan distributes all of the heat produced by the resistor. The blower motor fan is virtually silent, which allows for an even cozier atmosphere. Controls on most models are hidden, preserving the look of a real fireplace. Some units even include a remote control, which allows easy use from across the room. Some of the benefits of using an electric fireplace include:

• No need to purchase or chop wood

• No need to clean the fireplace

• No need for a chimney or gas line

• No need to clean a chimney or flue

• No harmful emissions

• No fear of fire damage or injuries associated with traditional gas or wood burning fireplaces

• No remodeling required as with a gas or wood burning fireplace installation

• No allergies instigated by burning wood

• No wasted time starting a fire as heat is automatically generated with the flip of a switch

• Electric fireplaces are portable, allowing ease of transport if relocation is necessary

The cost of using an electric fireplace is similar to that of using an electric heater. In the long run, using an electric fireplace allows decreased dependence on a furnace and allows more efficient use of energy. These benefits, combined with the elegant look and feel of realistic flames, make an electric fireplace a sensible option for creating a warm, and relaxed living space.