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35" Faber e-MatriX Electric Firebox

35" Faber e-MatriX Electric Firebox

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Dimensions 35"W x 37"H x 20.25"D

The wonderful feel of a burning log fire. The place where you can relax, meet, recharge your batteries and share. When a gas fire or wood stove is impossible or undesirable, or for those who prefer "individual design" and specific choices, Faber has the new e-MatriX; Astonishing fire... from water. Fire for anybody, anywhere.

Opti-Myst is a water vapor fireplace since it uses a water reservoir to produce a misting effect similar to a fog machine and then it project the LED lights onto that mist which makes the flames look 3-D and exactly like real fire.

Product Dimensions:
  • Fireplace: 35"W x 37"H x 20.25"D
Product Details:
  • Front-facing, One-sided, (32"X26")
  • Volts: 120V, Wattage: 270
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • To add a sense of realism to the finished look, the e-MatriX comes with a charred log set. The combination of the vapor flames dancing through the logs with the illusion of loose embers creates an authentic experience.
  • Do a little work now to save you more work later. Hard plumb the water connection to provide consistent water flow.
  • Let the pulsating lights beneath the logs dazzle and shine through for a lifelike burning effect.
  • To please even more senses, the e-MatriX makes an impact with sounds of a a crackling fire.
  • Logs: Realistic charred log set to maximize the illusion of depth and the appearance of burning firewood. Combine with loose embers for a custom display.
  • Water Connection: Hard plumbed to provide consistent water flow.
  • Light Module: Provides a pulsating burn on logs for a truly lifelike effect.
  • Sound Module: Provides the soothing sounds of fire crackling.
  • Rear Wall Steel: Provides a solid dark interior finish.
  • Remote Control: Uses Bluetooth wireless technology to control all fireplace features from the comfort of your chair.

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