3 Great Places for Tabletop Fireplaces

One of the best things about a tabletop fireplace is that you can place them in so many different locations. Summer isn’t quite over yet, so I am going to share some of my favorite places to set these portable fireplaces- indoors and outdoors. A flame has that wonderful quality of adding ambiance to almost any location, so you could be missing out on some interesting locations you have not thought of yet. Keep reading to find out!

3 Great Places for Tabletop Fireplaces

3 Great Places for Tabletop Fireplaces

Outdoors: Dining Table

A lot of people enjoy tabletop fireplaces outdoors, but adding one to your dining area can create a whole new atmosphere. Take into consideration the shape of the table when adding a portable fireplace. For instance, square and circular tables should have a square or circular tabletop fireplace in the middle. Make sure to create contrast (i.e. use circular fireplaces for square tops and vice versa).

Rectangular tables will look better with longer, rectangular tabletop fireplaces on them. You can also try dotting long tables with a few at even intervals. Dining outdoors, especially at sunset, becomes an enchanting experience. Give your friends a night, and a meal, to remember!

10 Inch Quarry Ledgestone Tabletop Fire Pit

The 10” Quarry Ledgestone Tabletop Fire Pit will give life to your outdoor living area.

Indoor: Business Lobby

Your reception area is usually the first impression someone will have with your business. I would estimate that 80% of businesses who go the extra mile to decorate do so with fake plants and a fountain.

If you really want to set yourself apart, a handsome, modern tabletop fireplace can make quite the impression. Fire is the opposite, metaphorically, of water. Water is passive an malleable. Fire is powerful, energetic, and captivating. If your workplace competes for contracts or wants to exude a youthful image, tabletop fireplaces are a bold way of improving your look.

Indoor: Bathroom

We have all seen candles in a bathroom, but adding a tabletop fireplace establishes the same effect with a more modern edge. Place it in front of a mirror for double the effect. Similar to how you can judge somone by how well they treat a lowly person, you can judge someone’s tastes by how they decorate the lowly bathroom. Adding sophistication to a room, or a house in general, is all in the details.

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