The 7 Best Electric Fireplaces that Crackle

The sounds of live fire can be comforting, but building a live fire in your home isn’t always convenient or possible.  Fortunately, electric fireplaces make it possible to have realistic looking and sounding fires in your home without mess or danger.  

If you already own an electric fireplace or fireplace insert that doesn’t have that satisfying crackle,  the Adagio Crackler System is fantastic addition. It’s easy to use and portable. Volume control allows you to have a roaring fire or gentle background noise. Create instant ambiance with your electric fireplace with sounds to match.

The Best Electric Fireplaces with Natural Crackling Sounds

1)56” Brighton Coffee Black Electric Fireplace Media Cabinet

This cabinet fireplace is perfect for smaller homes and apartments, providing stylish storage and a glorious fire. Infrared quartz technology helps retain natural humidity in the air for extra comfort. The fire’s brightness is adjustable to your liking with several color ways to cycle through. Family movie nights are made that much cozier with this crackling fireplace.

2) 29” Dimplex Opti-V Solo 3-D Fireplace Insert

Upgrade your home without remodeling with an electric fireplace insert. The Opti-V model is outfitted with realistic flickering flames and 3-D sparking logs. Make your evening routine into a full experience by adding the lifelike sounds of fire.  This easy-to-install insert is perfect for commercial use, adding color and glow, with or without heat output, and a glass front that remains cool to the touch. 

3) 26” Sierra Flush Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

Sleek and modern, this electric fireplace can be installed flush with the wall or recessed. Control temperature with your finger tip on the touchpad. Transform the room with the sounds of live fire and mood lighting. Go glam with cool blue flames or keep it warm and cozy with an orange glow. This fireplace is sure to make an impression.

4) 55” Dimplex Fieldstone Electric Fireplace

Give your home that rustic feel with a modern twist with this faux stone and pine electric fireplace. The safe ceramic heats up to 1,000 square feet, saving you heating costs. The embers and logs glow and spark just like the real thing. Close your eyes and you can almost imagine yourself at a ski lodge, with the fire crackling merrily nearby.

5) 48” Aspen Electric Fireplace

This classic fireplace is stylish and understated, with hidden storage. With a mantel for displaying mementos and adjustable shelves inside cabinets, this fireplace is perfect for the family home. The Aspen features a programable thermostat, a timer, and vivid LED technology that add to the comforting experience.

6) 46” Dimplex Ophelia Mantel Electric Fireplace with Acrylic Ember Bed

Timelessly elegant, yet contemporary, The Ophelia fireplace features acrylic embers that catch the light, twinkling as the fire warms the room. The clean lines and beautiful finish will compliment your home’s aesthetic. Enjoy all the modern conveniences with remote control, adjustable flame and color, with the sounds of the fire gently sending you into total relaxation mode.  

7) 33” Infrared Premium Oak Rolling Mantel Electric Fireplace

Any room in your home or business can have a fireplace with this rolling electric fireplace. Portable, yet incredibly efficient, this fireplace features infrared quartz to comfortably heat a space up to 1,000 sq. feet! Adjustable heat and fan speed allows you to place this fireplace wherever you can use a little extra warmth and glow. Create your perfect reading nook with a good book, a cozy blanket, and your new fireplace crackling away.

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