How to Accessorize with a Bedroom Fireplace

Emily Hurley from Houzz conducted a Poll asking homeowners, contractors, and designers what they thought about having a bedroom fireplace. Here’s how 999 respondents replied to fireplaces in the bedroom.

  • 777 – Love them!
  • 195 – No thanks
  • 27 – Other

That’s right, a whopping 77% of people said they love the idea of having a bedroom with a fireplace. Think about what this means for home staging and real estate opportunities. A bedroom fireplace could pose an added luxury amenity that prospective buyers will love!

Fireplace Ideas for Master Bedrooms

Fireplaces in bedrooms add a warming glow to your personal space. Not only that, they can help you decrease your heating bill because zone heating is much more efficient than central heating. You have the ability to stay warm without heating the vacant rooms in the house.

  • Purchase a free-standing fireplace that you can set up against your wall. You can also opt for a corner fireplace that can tuck away in a veiled location.
  • Wall mounted fireplaces work great in Modern and contemporary homes. You can decorate wall space while serving a functional purpose.
  • Place your television above a entertainment center console.  They’re a great solution when you’re tight on space.
  • For rustic and ranch homes, a traditional stove will give you the free feeling of nature and the great outdoors.
  • Smaller tabletop fireplaces can be placed on your dresser drawer to capture a romantic ambiance. Although these units won’t provide as much heat, they can be used to be used for added visual appeal.
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Alternatives to a Gas Fireplace for the Bedroom

Many people think that a gas fireplace would be the best option for the bedroom. While you’re correct in that it won’t emit as much smoke as a traditional wood burning fireplace, do you really want the risk of a gas leak in your bedroom?

Electric Fireplaces for Bedrooms

Homeowners are switching over to electric fireplaces. They can run for as little as 7 cents per hour and they can produce more than enough heat for your master bedroom. Here are some of the Most Realistic Electric Fireplaces in 2014 that you might want to consider.  Click here to Shop by Size.

Gel Fireplaces for Bedrooms

Another great option is the gel fireplace. Gel fireplaces use ethanol biofuel (eco-friendly) to create a real flame. You get to enjoy the sensual appeal of a crackling fire without having to worry about gas leaks, Smokey air, or expensive upkeep costs. Here’s an article I wrote that will explain this more in depth: Why You Need to Consider a Gel Fireplace.

43 inch Dimplex Dusk Wall Mount Fireplace

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