Electric Fireplace Brand Spotlight: Real Flame

At PortableFireplace.com, we have curated our catalogue with the best of the best. Real Flame is one of our favorite brands because of their incredible craftsmanship, attention to detail, and safety features. Did you know that Real Flame has been designing and manufacturing safe and stylish electric fireplaces for over 25 years?

Family owned and operated, Real Flame’s headquarters are still in Racine, Wisconsin where they first got their start. Today, Real Flame continues to be an innovator and leader in the electric fireplace business. Real Flame has crafted fireplaces with the best in safety, design, and technology, bringing warmth into the homes of their customers nationwide.

After launching the VividFlame electric firebox, Real Flame solidified itself as a top leader in the industry. VividFlame continues to be a top product line, with vibrant, realistic flames that can be enjoyed year-round. The flickering LED flames can be controlled via a remote control, with settings for temperature, timers, and extra special features!

For outdoor spaces, Real Flame produces durable and beautiful fire pits and outdoor gas fireplaces. There’s nothing like a real wood burning firepit, especially on a cool evening under the stars!  Each Real Flame piece, from full mantle fireplaces to outdoor fire bowls, is designed with care and produced with high-quality materials.

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Low Maintenance Electric Fireplace

When you light a fire in a wood burning fireplace, there is so much to pay attention to. No matter how tidy you are when setting up the fire, a wood burning fireplace will always be an absolute mess afterwards. Cleaning the ashes out of a fireplace is a necessary task, but it’s one everyone would rather skip. Ever had your favorite sweater ruined by soot? That black residue leftover from burning wood is difficult to clean from clothes. If you have an you have an electric fireplace, there is no mess! Even better, there is virtually no maintenance required with an electric fireplace. No more repairs, cleaning up greasy soot, ashes to sweep, or dangerous fires to attend. Electric fireplaces are the low maintenance way to heat your home.

73″ Norwell White Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces need occasional dusting, just like any other piece of furniture and the batteries of the remote will need to be changed every year. The ease of electric fireplaces allow you to be more relaxed in other areas of your life since you do not have to worry about cleaning and maintaining a fireplace. You can even move the fireplace into another room, if you want to. No more scooping out grimy ashes when you’d rather be relaxing on the sofa. Low maintenance electric fireplaces are the way to go! Not convinced? Let’s explore some of the other benefits of electric fireplaces and you’ll be ready to say goodbye to wood fires for good!

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Best Electric Fireplaces

Electric Fireplaces are the hottest (pun intended) item in home appliances right now. Want to know why? Everyone wants to save a bit of money where they can. Since electric fireplaces use about as much electricity as any other appliance, it costs pennies to run an electric fireplace. Whereas using central heating can really rack up your electric bill. Using an electric fireplace in tandem with your central heating means your heater won’t have to work as hard to heat the house. You’ll see the difference on your electric bill. Traditional wood burning fireplaces are messy and not always usable. Whether you rent or own your home, an electric fireplace is the inexpensive solution to many of your heating woes!

In addition to being cost efficient, electric fireplaces are considered more eco-friendly than traditional fireplaces. This is because there is no carbon or fume exhaust from electric fireplace use. Many new electric fireplaces are made from earth-friendly materials, like recycled wood, infrared quartz, and long-lasting LED lights. Ready to make the switch or add an electric fireplace to your home? Here are some of the best electric fireplaces to heat your home this season.

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2023 Outdoor Electric Fireplace Guide

When it’s time to relax at home, there’s nothing like having a quiet space all your own in your backyard. Turning a boring backyard or plain patio into an entertaining space or secondary living room is no small task. It takes planning, budgeting, and of course, shopping! Outdoor electric fireplaces have become increasingly popular as more people look to spend their free time at home. Picture yourself, stretched out in front of a fireplace on a cool night, with a snack and a good book, or chatting with friends late into the evening. Sounds great, doesn’t it? At PortableFireplaces.com, we’re here to help you find the outdoor electric fireplace of your dreams.

72″ Amantii Electric Deep Built-in Electric Fireplace
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Fireplace Safety: How Much Space Do You Need Around The Fireplace

Safety is  top priority when outfitting your home or business with an electric fireplace, or fireplace insert. In fact, safety is a big reason that so many families make the switch from a traditional wood burning fireplace to an electric fireplace or  a fireplace insert. Modern electric fireplaces are so much safer, cleaner, and more ecofriendly than their sooty counterparts, that the switch is an easy choice. However, the question about how much space do you need around a fireplace remains. At PortableFireplaces.com, we want our customers to feel informed about their purchases. We put together this guide to help you figure out how much space you’ll need around electric fireplaces, and more!

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How to Decide: Patio Heater VS Firepit

When updating your outdoor space, the big question is how to keep the area warm and safe while also keeping costs down? Whether you’re looking to update your home patio or your business’ outdoor area, there are two main options for heating a patio: patio heaters and firepits.

When temperatures drop, having an outdoor heating source means everyone can enjoy the outdoors longer without a fireplace, which can be expensive, or digging a massive firepit which can be messy, dangerous, and expensive. Let’s take a look at patio heaters and firepits individually to see which fits your needs the best.

Patio Heater or Firepit?

Take your patio or backyard to the next level with these tips.

Patio Heaters

Patio heaters are commonly used at events and outdoor sections of restaurants, since they are capable of heating a large area at once. Patio heaters use either fuel or electricity. Patio heaters are safe to use around children and pets; there are no flying sparks or embers. Safety features like automatic shut off, are key. Low maintenance and quick heating, patio heaters are an ideal choice for anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors year-round.

93'' Exige Stainless Steel Deluxe Patio Heater
The 93” Exige Stainless Steel Deluxe Patio Heater

Some models are safe for tent and garage usage, for parties and events, but not all. The most common style of patio heater is pole style, but other styles include wall mounted, table top, and flame heaters.

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Why Your Electric Fireplace Stopped Working

Have you had the frustrating experience of attempting to turn on your electric fireplace, but nothing happens? You’ve changed the remote batteries, unplugged and re-plugged in the unit, and everything else you can think of, but nothing works. What’s going on here? Why did your electric fireplace stop working? Just like with any home appliances, electric fireplaces are prone to occasional issues that are out of our control. Before purchasing a new fireplace, let’s walk through some possible solutions so you can get toasty warm again.

Holly & Martin Cypress Electric Fireplace
Customer photo sent in by William S from Ohio

Frozen Flame

Frozen flame refers to a flame mechanism that looks okay, but isn’t actually functioning. There are several causes for this. Luckily, this is usually easily remedied. Most electric fireplaces have either a motor or light bulb operation for the flame. Newer electric fireplaces tend to use candelabra lightbulbs. Learn how to replace burnt light bulbs in your fireplace here.

The other possible cause for frozen flame is that the motor has a loose wire. Check all wiring (with fireplace unplugged) to make sure all connections have good contact.

Look for exposed, frayed, or misplaced wires.

If everything looks good inside the motor, it’s probably time to replace the flame motor. Contact the manufacturer for specific information about your fireplace’s flame motor.

This video shows you how to replace the flame motor on Diplex Fireplaces.

Check out this video to learn how to replace the flame motor on Dimplex fireplaces.

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2021 Water Vapor Fireplace Buying Guide

A beautiful fireplace adds a glow, a warm ambiance to any room, home, or business. Some people view the ash, smoke, and carbon emissions of live fireplaces as a drawback and opt for other options instead.

These alternative options include electric fireplaces or bio-ethanol fireplaces, which are eco-friendly and alluring. At PortableFireplace.com, we pride ourselves in being the experts in electric and bio-ethanol fireplaces for your home and businesses. Today, we’re going to cover the trendy water vapor fireplace, which is powered by electricity and steam.

Water vapor fireplace
Double-sided water vapor fireplace
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7 Best Outdoor Fire Pits

We love spending time outdoors with friends and family. As more Americans look to transform their patios, backyards, and gardens into external living rooms, patio heaters and fire pits have become more popular.

Fire pits typically cost less than built-in fireplaces, and they’re fun, stylish, and safer than having an open fire on the lawn. We put together this list of some of our favorite fire pits to help you find the perfect fire pit for your backyard or patio.

Best Outdoor Fire Pits of the Year

1) 35.5 Anson Wood Burning Fire Bowl

35.5" Anson Wood Burning Fire Bowl
35.5″ Anson Wood Burning Fire Bowl

This minimalistic fire pit is the perfect finishing touch to your backyard. Get that campground feel without leaving home, roasting marshmallows over an open flame, watching sparks dance across the night sky. Cozy up on chilly nights with loved ones to share special memories. The large, heavy-gauge steel bowl is sturdy and powder coated for durability. This beautiful fire bowl will last through years of backyard fireside chats and campouts.

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Buying Guide: Read This Before Buying an Outdoor Fireplace

The cozy glow of a fireplace can transform your patio into a relaxing living space. As people look for creative ways to enhance their outdoor space, an outdoor fireplace is a welcome addition.

Remodeling your home to include an outdoor fireplace for your covered patio can be incredibly expensive. The easiest, most wallet-friendly solution is to purchase a separate outdoor fireplace to enhance your home. At PortableFireplace.com, we offer affordable outdoor fireplaces to suit your personal style. 

Let our guide get you started on finding the perfect outdoor fireplace.

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