Tabletop Fireplaces: What is the Difference between Bioethanol Liquid Fuel and Gel Fuel?

When shopping for a tabletop fireplace, you need to learn about the different ways such fireplaces are fueled. Most tabletop fireplaces use either bioethanol liquid fuel or alcohol gel fuel. I created an organized presentation of the differences between the two types of fuels.

Two important considerations to note:

  • Fueling methods for devices are not interchangeable. Tabletop fireplaces are designed specifically to utilize only one type of fuel. The owner’s manual will specify which fuel to use.
  • These fuels create REAL flames, just like those created by wood burning. Therefore, fuels and flames should be kept away from pets and children.

Nu-Flame Bioethanol Indor or Outdoor fuel.

Nu-Flame Bioethanol Indor or Outdoor fuel.

Nu-Flame Bioethanol Ethanol is a popular brand of liquid fuel because it provides a beautiful flame and its bottles are fitted with valve inserts that prevent accidental ignition of fuel inside the bottles. It’s made in the USA and available in 6- or 12-pack 1-liter bottles.

Real Flame Gel Fuel

Real Flame Gel Fuel.

Real Flame Gel Fuel is the leading brand of gel fuel on the market. It is made in the USA, and available in 12/16/24 packs.

The fireplace professionals at are happy to answer your questions about fireplace fuels. They offer a wide array of beautiful fireplaces and supplies. In addition to portable fireplaces, they also sell free-standing electric fireplaces, wall-mounted fireplaces, and a variety of outdoor heaters.

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