Antique White Electric Fireplaces

Antique electric fireplaces add a convenience of modern technology while capturing the picturesque styling with old-fashioned charm. Rustic décor is a style that emphasizes natural elements, tones, and materials that create a cozy setting. The purity of white is cleansing, lifting the tone of the room.

Antique White Electric Fireplace

61″ Floral Electric Fireplace – This cast stone electric fireplace features intense carvings and a black fossil stone top. Comes with an impressive THREE YEAR WARRANTY with in Home Service. $3,122.00 has compiled a list of the most popular antique white electric fireplaces. Be sure to browse these elegantly crafted rustic electric fireplaces.
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Elegantly Crafted Rustic Electric Fireplaces

Rustic electric fireplaces often carry much more detail and artistic expression than modern and contemporary fireplaces. Because of this, you will see fine artwork that is hand-detailed instead of being machine cut at large industrial factories. This is what makes rustic fireplaces so unique and special.

Fieldstone Rustic Electric Fireplace SMP-904-ST

The Fieldstone Rustic Electric Fireplace (SMP-904-ST). $1,549.99.

From hand applied finishes to hand-carved engravings, there are no two units that will be the same. Rustic electric fireplaces feature antique oak, patina finishes, vintage styling, and many more elements that will make you nostalgic of the storied past.

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