Dimplex XLF Series Multi-Fire XD™ Electric Linear Wall Fireplace

The folks at Dimplex have done it again, releasing another Award-Winning new line of modern electric fireplaces. The new line, the XLF Series, is an adaptation of the Multi-Fire XD Firebox released in late 2014. With the popularity of linear wall fireplaces continuing to grow in the modern market, Dimplex continues delivering fashionable designs that combine aesthetic beauty with energy efficient utility. This is especially so with the new Comfort$aver Technology (Patent Pending) included in the new XLF Multi-Fire XD Wall Series.

Dimplex XLF Series Multi-Fire XD Wall Fireplace
Said Scott Ringler, Vice President of Marketing and Product Development for Dimplex, “The linear market is becoming increasingly design-led and this new slim-lined unit is partly a response to that.” In short, linear electric fireplaces allow you to do things that gas and traditional wood burning fireplaces never allowed. This has fueled the craze for electric linear models like the recently released BLF Prism Series and the top selling Synergy, Wickson, and Galveston models.
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Dimplex Amsden OptiMyst Review

Dimplex has surprised the market yet again with its Dimplex Amsden OptiMyst Electric Fireplace. Not only is the Amsden Opti-Myst an efficient, zero emission unit, it also uses a State-of-the-Art combination of water and lights to produce realistic flame effects. Unlike most other freestanding electric fireplaces which use simple LED technology, the Amsden’s concealed water tank below the ember bed gives off a slight mist that creates a “smoke” effect without any of the toxins you would get a regular smoke fireplace.

Amsden Dimplex GDSOP-1382CN

The Dimplex Amsden OptiMyst Electric Fireplace GDSOP-1382CN. Get it on sale now for the lowest price guaranteed! $2,049.99.

Read a rare Q & A with Dimplex Marketing Director, Jane Laurie as she discusses the feats of the Amsden Electric Fireplace.

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Classic Flame vs Dimplex? What You Need to Know When Comparing Manufacturers.

Decisions are hard. Here at the PortableFireplace.com we know that, so we want to give you the information you need to decide between a Classic Flame or Dimplex fireplace. Both Classic Flame and Dimplex represent the top of the line when it comes to electric fireplaces. Each company makes several models of freestanding electric fireplaces for every taste and decor style, as well as numerous options for fireplace inserts, wall mounted fireplaces, entertainment centers, and more. So what do you do???

Stressed person trying to decide between Classic Flame and Dimplex

Don’t pull out your hair trying to decide between Classic Flame and Dimplex! (CC)

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Classic Flame Pasadena Electric Fireplace Review -28MM468

We all want to be more efficient; we strive for it. So why wouldn’t that need be reflected in our furniture choices? Think about it: more space, great design, and the ability to stay warm all in one. That combination is exactly what you’ll find in an electric fireplace media center, and the Classic Flame Pasadena 28MM468 is one of the best in the market. As an industry leader in quality design and decorative fireplaces, Classic Flame’s media center fireplaces are one of Twinstar Home’s top product lines.

Classic Flame Pasadena Electric Fireplace Review

60″ Pasadena Espresso Electric Fireplace Entertainment Center with Brown Espresso Finish – 28MM468-E721. $1,279.99 with Free Shipping Included.

Classic Flame has merged a freestanding fireplace with a spacious and high quality TV media console. Whether you’re new to buying an electric fireplace or just looking to upgrade, Classic Flame products do not disappoint.

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Twinstar Electric Fireplaces

Twinstar Home produces some of the most recognized electric fireplaces on the market. Twinstar Electric Fireplaces employ the latest technology and cutting-edge design in various models. Twin-Star International is the manufacturer of Classic Flame, Classic Flame Pro (B2B retailer), and Duraflame. Any of these brands technically qualifies as a Twinstar electric fireplace.

Portable Fireplace.com is one of the few vendors of Twinstar Home electric fireplaces. To purchase one of these fireplaces, you have to go through a retailer as the manufacturer does not sell directly to consumers. To jump to Classic Flame, and Duraflame electric fireplaces, click on one of the links below.

Classic Flame Artesian White Electric Fireplace by Twinstar

52” Artesian White Electric Fireplace. $967.99.

Classic Flame Electric Fireplaces

Duraflame Electric Fireplaces

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New Infrared Electric Fireplace Inserts from Classic Flame

-Shop Infrared Fireplaces Now-

ClassicFlame has just introduced a new line of infrared electric fireplace inserts that are going to change electric fireplace market forever. Infrared heating technology isn’t something new, however, their use inside the home is.

33 Inch Classic Flame Infrared Spectrafire Fireplace Electric Insert

The 33″ Classic Flame Infrared Spectrafire Fireplace Electric Insert. $538.99 Lowest Price Guaranteed.

–View over 100 Classic Flame Electric Fireplaces–

How Infrared Quartz Heaters Work

Infrared heat works by heating objects rather than the air. This type of heat is most commonly used in patio heaters because heating the air is largely ineffective in outdoor settings. Instead, infrared heaters transfer heat to objects and provide heat instantly while traditional inserts require a short period of time to warm up. To learn all about the differences between infrared an traditional heating, you can read this page.

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The All New Dimplex Multi-Fire XD Firebox (Live Video)

The Multi-Fire XD Firebox is an all new electric fireplace from Dimplex that recognizes simple hand gestures and produces 7 unique flame displays. With gWave, you can turn Multi-Fire XD on and off with a simple wave of a hand.

Dimplex 26 Inch Multi-Fire XD Firebox

The 26″ Dimplex Multi-Fire XD™ Electric Fireplace Insert shown with Acrlyic Ice Media Bed. Only $799.00 from Portable Fireplace.com

I know you’re wondering what’s so special about the Multi Fire. I was too! After doing some research, I’ve found that it’s an extremely functional fireplace that is incredibly easy to operate.

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Dimplex Purifire Electric Fireplace Reviews

Dimplex Purifire Electric Fireplaces feature a Patented Air Filtration System that turns your electric fireplace into a heater AND an air purifier. That’s 2 devices in one! Dimplex electric fireplaces are equipped with an air treatment system that removes mold, pollen, dander, dust, and other allergens from inside your house for a healthier living environment. You’ll be able to find a complete list of fireplaces that are equipped with the Purifire Air Treatment System.

Dimplex Belvedere Walnut Purifire Electric Fireplace

The 51.5″ Dimplex Belvedere Walnut Purifire Electric Fireplace. $1,449.99.

Dimplex Purifire Air Treatment System

The Purifire Air Treatment System filters a multitude of allergens and pollutants that float inside your home every day. They can cause headaches, sinus flares, nausea, and feelings of fatigue. The worst part is that you might not even know it. These are the only electric fireplaces that provide heat while simultaneously filtering indoor air. This is great for people that are sensitive to pollens and other allergens.

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Opti-Myst Fire Effect: So Real, You’d Second Guess Yourself

The Opti-Myst Fire Effect is one of the most state-of-the-art electric fireplace technologies featuring the first ever flame and smoke effect. Previously, electric fireplaces only replicated the visual flames of a fire; the Opti-Myst Fire Effect adds a mist that looks like real smoke rising from the flames.

Opti-Myst Fire Effect Technology

Do you believe in magic? The improved Opti-Myst Fire Effect exhibited at the 2013 HPBA Expo. Click to view expanded image.

*You can view a complete list of fireplaces equipped with the Opti-Myst Fire Effect here.

Opti-Myst Smoke Effect: Optical Illusion or a Hologram

Dimplex Opti-Myst fireplaces use an ultrasonic technology that was adapted from commercial applications. This feature creates an ultra-fine water mist that is illuminated by the Opti-Flame Effect. LED lighting projects 3D flickering flames while the Opti-Myst Effect produces life-like smoke. It’s so real that it almost looks like a hologram.

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The Complete Collection of Dimplex Opti-Myst Fireplaces

Dimplex Opti-Myst Fireplaces have long been hailed as the World’s Most Realistic Flame Effect since being unveiled at the High Point Market in Fall 2010. The Opti-Myst is commonly referred to as the best electric fireplace to date because it features patented glowing ember logs and a smoke-effect that makes the best flame effect yet.

Opti-Myst Electric Fireplaces

The Dimplex Amsden Opti-Myst Electric Fireplace. $1,999.00

[Have you heard? Dimplex is about to release an all new model that is posed to the best yet! Check out the Opti-V PGF-10 and the Opti-V PGF-20!]

Opti-Myst Flame Technology

Opti-Myst electric fireplaces introduced the first-ever Ultrasonic Technology to the industry. These high tech electric fireplaces feature glowing logs and a Smoke Effect that mimics the nature of a real fire.

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