Pearl Mantels: Dedicated to Home and Hearth

For humankind throughout the ages, a fireplace and mantel have evoked a sense of warmth, stability, safety… home. It is, and should be, the centerpiece of a room. As important as the raw, organic flame, the mantel that surrounds it should be beautiful.

Pearl Mantels has but one passion, creating mantels that are the perfect complement to provocative, glittering flames. In fact, the company has dedicated itself to the art of fireplace mantel design for over 20 years. Their artisans and craftsmen, like the ones of yore, lovingly hand cut and polish each mantel. Overseen by the master artist herself, Mother Nature, the mantels often retain the rudimental features only she can imbue. Her exquisite and sensual touches to wood make each mantel a one-of-kind piece of art.

Many of Pearl’s mantels are made from live edge wood. Live edge wood furniture is created by retaining the original lines of the tree trunk, including edges, knots, gnarls and holes. This technique elicits the innate glory of the tree. The master of this technique was woodworker and architect George Nakashima, who believed that furniture could evince “the soul of a tree.” (See his 1981 memoir: The Soul of a Tree: A Master Woodworker’s Reflections

The Soul of a Tree by George Nakashima

George Nakashima’s book “The Soul of a Tree: A Master Woodworker’s Reflections”

Featured below are some of Pearl Mantels original mantel designs:
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8 Perfect Ways to Make Your Fireplace the Focal Point

Turn your fireplace into the focal point of any room with just a few modifications. The National Association of Home Builders reports that 60% of new homes have at least one fireplace compared to 36% of homes built prior to 1970 and this is not a simple oversight by real estate developers.

Rustic Autumn Pine Fireplace Mantel

The rustic Autumn Pine Fireplace Mantel.

A fireplace can boost the value of your home by an average of $12,000 but having the right design will help maximize these incentives. Adding an extra $12k to your networth in a few hours of work. Do we have your attention now?

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The Dictionary of Home Heating Terminology

Home heating terminology confusing you? Check out this glossary filled with key terms that will help you make the right decision when researching the best heating and/or cooling system for you home. Everything you need to know, all in one spot.

TV Stand Electric Fireplace

Editors of the Portable Fireplace Blog update this Glossary whenever new terms are discovered. If you have a question or have a term that you feel should be included on this list, please send us a message using our Contact Form.

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Firebox Styles and Variations

Fireplaces come in all shapes and sizes but if haven’t paid attention, you may miss out on the small intricacies. You see, the hearth comes in several variations including flush, raised, and the classic floating firebox. Not to mention, a new curved fireplace that’s equally eye-catching.

Flush Hearth

Flush Fireplace Hearth

As you can see, the lip of the firebox is flush with the surrounding hearth. Pictured is a 29.13” electric insert.

This type of fireplace features a front lip that is flush with the surrounding ground. This means that it is not raised off of the sub-floor and rather, sits directly on the floor of your home. The flushed hearth is seen in traditional homes, often with masonry surrounds that were once used to anchor the rooms design. Nowadays, it’s more common to see what’s called a raised hearth.
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