Why Your Electric Fireplace Stopped Working

Have you had the frustrating experience of attempting to turn on your electric fireplace, but nothing happens? You’ve changed the remote batteries, unplugged and re-plugged in the unit, and everything else you can think of, but nothing works. What’s going on here? Why did your electric fireplace stop working? Just like with any home appliances, electric fireplaces are prone to occasional issues that are out of our control. Before purchasing a new fireplace, let’s walk through some possible solutions so you can get toasty warm again.

Holly & Martin Cypress Electric Fireplace
Customer photo sent in by William S from Ohio

Frozen Flame

Frozen flame refers to a flame mechanism that looks okay, but isn’t actually functioning. There are several causes for this. Luckily, this is usually easily remedied. Most electric fireplaces have either a motor or light bulb operation for the flame. Newer electric fireplaces tend to use candelabra lightbulbs. Learn how to replace burnt light bulbs in your fireplace here.

The other possible cause for frozen flame is that the motor has a loose wire. Check all wiring (with fireplace unplugged) to make sure all connections have good contact.

Look for exposed, frayed, or misplaced wires.

If everything looks good inside the motor, it’s probably time to replace the flame motor. Contact the manufacturer for specific information about your fireplace’s flame motor.

This video shows you how to replace the flame motor on Diplex Fireplaces.

Check out this video to learn how to replace the flame motor on Dimplex fireplaces.

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Calculating BTU’s Per Square Foot

The British Thermal Unit, or BTU, is the Imperial system’s basic unit of heat. One BTU is the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. When you’re able to determine how many BTUs per square foot of space a room requires, you’ll can pick a heating device with the right heating capacity for your home.

Calculating BTU

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Adding an Electric Fireplace to Your RV

Sometimes you just need to get away, fire up the RV, and hit the open road. Now you can do all those things without sacrificing the homey ambiance and comfort of a fireplace. Many electric fireplace inserts can be mounted to an existing space within your RV. Or if that’s too much of a pain, you can always just bring along a freestanding fireplace.

The benefit of these electric fireplaces is you can bring them into your RV without having to worry about particulates, moisture, gases, or toxic emissions coming from the fireplace unit, Most units also feature remote controlled settings, allowing you to control the level heat, flame effects, and sound volume.

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Fireplace Creates Too Much Smoke: 5 Things to Solve Your Problem

Tired of coughing and placing your hands over your mouth so you can breathe. You shouldn’t have to feel like a prisoner trapped in a blazing fire. This article will explain why you’re experiencing excessive smoke from your wood burning fireplace and list some helpful tips that will help you solve the problem. Later, we’ll show you how you can eliminate the smoky fire syndrome completely with some new alternatives you’ve never thought about.

Smoke made fireplace dirty

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How to Install a Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

This page will show you how to install a wall mounted electric fireplace Step-By-Step. Electric fireplaces can be recessed into the wall or hung on the wall like a picture frame. Electric fireplaces are economical and functional, providing heat for your family while putting extra money back into your pocket through energy savings. Installing a wall mount electric fireplace will also help you save space in your family room!

48″ Infrared Optional Display Stand Wall Electric Fireplace

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Electric Fireplace Remote Not Working: Troubleshooting Guide

Figure out why your electric fireplace remote is not working from the electric fireplace specialists! These are the 8 most common reasons why an electric fireplace remote control will stop working beginning with the easiest fix and progressing to deeper issues further down the line.

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Fireplace Remote Control Not Working:

  1. Batteries
  2. Power Supply
  3. Out of Range
  4. On Off Switch Doesn’t Work
  5. Remote Control Transmitter Hasn’t Been Programed
  6. Damaged Remote
  7. Problems with Individual Buttons
  8. Electric Fireplace Signal Receiver
  9. Interference with Radio Frequency

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Electric Fireplace Repair: Replacing Your Flame Rod

Overtime, you may have to replace the Flame Rod on your electric fireplace. Thankfully, this is can be done with a little know-how, everything will be back to normal before you know it.

Real Flame Churchill Electric Fireplace TV Stand

“Received everything works great thanks happy customer!” – Proud owner of our 50.75″ Churchill Espresso Entertainment Center Corner Electric Fireplace, Kenna S., Victortia, Texas.

Replacing your flame rod and flame rod motor does require some mechanical skill so make sure you read the entire instructional before opening things up.
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3 Steps to Converting from Wood to Electric Inserts

Fireplaces have come a very, very long way. With modern technology, traditional wood burning fireplaces have become outdated. They’re messy, expensive to build, and require regular maintenance.

Converting to an electric insert is easier than you think! With the correct dimensions, an electric fireplace insert will slip into your existing firebox and plug in for instant heat.  This 3 Step Guide will show you how to convert a wood to electric insert. It’s very easy and requires no special tools, just a extra hand from a friend!

TV Stand Electric Fireplace

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Should You Clean a Chimney When Not in Use?

Electric fireplace owners often ask this question. “Do I need to clean my chimney even though I don’t use it.” You need to have your chimney cleaned prior to installation of a new insert and annual inspections should still be scheduled.

Chimney Cleaning

Although you are not at risk of fire, critters, rodents, and birds have been known to build nests inside the flue. To solve this, you can install a chimney cap to prevent anything from your fireplace from the roof. Chimney caps are relatively inexpensive ($100) and can be found at local hardware stores like Home Depot and Lowes.
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Understanding Electric Readings-Watts, Amps, Volts, & Ohms

Watts, amps, volts, and ohms; what does it all mean? You don’t have to be an electrician to understand these terms. Electrical readings often mirror that of a simple comparison to your garden hose. How is that? Like a garden hose, electrical wiring has something running through it but instead, the substance is electricity instead of water.

Understanding basic electrical readings will help you comprehend how much heating capacity your electric fireplace will actually provide. Each of these readings is directly related to heating capacity.

Editors Note: You can skip down to the bottom if you want sift through the technical jargon for a simple answer.
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