Convert Your Hearth to an Electric Fireplace

Traditional gas and wood fireplaces have been common fixtures in many American homes for years. Why not right? Traditional fireplaces are easy to use and provide a great source of supplemental heat for your family and your home. They serve as a warm gathering place while providing a warm and cozy atmosphere during the long winter months. Move forward a few decades and you will see why electric fireplaces have become so popular. Drawbacks from operating a traditional fireplace include but are not limited to: expensive wood fuel, carbon monoxide being released into your home, and of course the messy soot and ashes that you will always have to clean up after a single use! Chimneys also have ash and soot build up over time and need to be professionally cleaned on an annual basis, this is costly as it is inconvenient. Gas fireplaces run the risk of having gas leaks and gas fuel is also very expensive and not eco-friendly.

An electric fireplace is easy to install and easy to set up. All electric fireplaces feature a three prong electrical plug that will plug into any standard household electrical outlet. Imagine cutting wood, prepping the fireplace, and then dealing with the mess afterwards! Electric fireplaces are “plug and play” and with the convenient flick of a switch you can enjoy up to 5,000 BTU’s of warmth instantly. Despite the size of the electric fireplace whether it be a large tv console fireplace or even a small electric fireplace for corner, they all have the same great operating cost as your household coffee maker.

If you currently have a traditional gas or wood fireplace in your home you can easily convert it to an electric fireplace which will be a much more cost effective, convenient, and eco- friendly solution. All you have to do is clean out your existing fireplace, open the box of your new insert for electric fireplace, set it up and plug it in. You can even plug up your existing fireplace as electric fireplaces require no ventilation which will also ensure that all of the heat produced will be used.

The picture below is an example of how our Dimplex fireplace insert sits perfectly inside of an existing fireplace.

Choose between various sizes, and color options such as black, or white fireplace. We also have modern fireplaces that can accentuate your electric fireplaces and bring contemporary beauty to your home and hearth.