Electric Fireplaces and Why They Belong in Your Home and Office

Electric Fireplaces are becoming increasingly prominent in the heating industry and many consumers are curious as to why they are becoming such a popular choice when it comes to in home or office heating. Modern Electric Fireplaces are convenient to operate, energy efficient, and eco friendly, which are a few of the many reasons why people choose electric fireplaces over traditional fuel expensive and maintenance heavy fireplaces.

50.3 Inch Dimplex Synergy Electric Wall Fireplace

The 50.3″ Dimplex Synergy Electric Wall Fireplace is a captivating modern piece.

We will be sharing a few key things that you and your family should know about electric fireplaces..

1. Electric Fireplaces Are Technologically Advanced and Have Been Developed for the Last 10 Years

Dimplex Fireplaces offer the latest and greatest in 3-D flame technology, the fire-effects are extremely realistic and they flicker and dance just like real fire. Similarly all electric fireplaces offer a very realistic flame effect that can be viewed from any angle and provide ambiance in lieu of heat for year round enjoyment. Variable heat settings, allows anyone to turn up or down the level of heat that your electric fireplace produces at the touch of a convenient remote.

All electric fireplaces feature a standard three prong electrical plug that will plug right into any standard household electrical outlet without any special wiring required. Dimplex Electric Fireplaces offer advanced “Purifire” technology which filters allergens and dust particles in the air while providing supplemental heat to any room in your home or office.

Dimplex “Opti-Myst” display technology provides a realistic flame and smoke effect by evaporating water, no smell and no harm to furniture or people! The Dimplex Electric Fireplace below offers the latest Dimplex Opti-Myst 3-D fire and smoke technology.
Dimplex Electric Fireplace

2. Electric Fireplaces Can Save You Money on Your Electric Bills and Provide Great Supplemental Heat

Electric fireplaces are great for zone heating, why turn up your household heater and provide heat to the entire house when you only want to stay warm in your bedroom after a long day at work? Electric fireplaces can effectively provide heat up to 400 square feet in any room whether it be a bedroom or the office lobby. By focusing heat in only areas and rooms that you need heat, you can save hundreds of dollars a year.

The main principle behind zone heating is to keep your homes thermostat at the minimum temperature setting (keeping it off is even better) and staying in the area of your home or business near a supplemental heat source such as an electric fireplace or infrared heater. Traditional Amish Fireplaces feature wheel casters at the bottom of the electric fireplace and are extremely portable, you can conveniently wheel them from room to room as needed to provide supplemental heat. The electric fireplace pictured below is an example of a Classic Flame Amish style electric fireplace.
Cherry Electric Fireplace

3. Electric Fireplaces are Available in a Multitude of Sizes and Styles
Let’s say you do not want the conventional floor standing electric fireplace. You can still enjoy the convenience and savings of owning an electric fireplace in a different style. Electric Fireplace Inserts allow for the conversion of a traditional fireplace into an electric fireplace. Simply clean out the hearth, plug the chimney chute so that no cold air can enter your home, and install the electric fireplace insert as shown in the picture below:

23.18 Inch Dimplex Deluxe Electric Fireplace Insert

The 23.18″ Dimplex Deluxe Electric Fireplace Insert. Available for only $399.99.

Stylish Entertainment Center Fireplaces double as an entertainment center media console for your television and electronics while also providing the ambiance and warmth of a traditional fireplace. The Dimplex Entertainment Center Fireplace pictured below features a contemporary style with glass doors that enclose storage shelves for electrical components.

75.5 Inch Dimplex Marana Black Entertainment Center Fireplace

Enjoy your favorite your in comfort with the 75.5″ Dimplex Marana Black Entertainment Center Fireplace! Get the entire set for $1,899.00.

Contemporary Wall Mounted Fireplaces mount directly onto the wall and provide warmth and ambiance in the same manner and style as an electric fireplace. Electric wall fireplaces feature the same flame technology and supplemental warmth as floor standing electric fireplaces. They do however add a great contemporary flair that floor standing fireplaces do not. The below Dimplex Wall Fireplace is an example of an electric wall fireplace.

Dimplex Electric Wall Fireplace

4. Electric Fireplaces Decrease Air Pollutants in Your Home

Traditional wood, gas, and coal burning fireplaces emit both carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide which can be harmful if inhaled frequently, even more dangerous in the presence of your home if not vented.

Electric fireplaces operate in a green eco-friendly manner as they provide heat by blowing the warm air out of the unit and into the room. The heat from an electric fireplace is generated by quartz crystals within the heating element of the unit. Dimplex offers Purifire Air Technology which filters dust particles and allergens in the air while providing heat.


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