Fireplace Mantels: Functional and Decorative

Every home should have a fireplace to add to the coziness and warmth on cold evenings. The fireplace can act as the magnet to gather the family together for a fun-filled evening. Whether you use a traditional wood fireplace or an electrical one, the fireplace should be surrounded by a mantel that is both functional and decorative.

Ease of Use

The unique decorative mantels made of cast stone and hand-finished are easy to install and remove, enabling you to change the fireplace look and design when you renovate your home or refurbish a room. Simply remove the old fireplace mantel and replace it with a new design that suits your new décor. These affordable mantels ensure that you do not have to live in a home with outdated décor.

Functional Aspects

The mantel around your fireplace serves the function of highlighting the fire and clearly demarcating the fireplace zone. This is a safety feature and ensures that the walls near the fireplace are not damaged. The mantel serves as a buffer zone between the fireplace and the rest of your home.
The top of the mantel also serves as a comfortable ledge for placing a variety of objects. This mantel ledge ensures that all those essential items are contained in a particular spot without cluttering the room.


Even while the fireplace surround or mantel serves its function, you can ensure that it adds to the décor of the room. Mantels now come in a variety of designs such as Floral, French, Brookstone, Arch, Stonebriar, Cumberland, Hermitage, and Richmond. These options make it easy for the homeowner to choose a mantel design that enhances the ambience of the room.


The cast stone mantels come with a black fossil stone top. The decorative cast stone mantels are made of premium crushed stone blended with a polymer binder. This mix is hollow cast and reinforced with structural reinforcements. The final product is hand finished to ensure that the desired color and design are obtained.


The fireplace surrounds come with a one-year limited warranty to ensure that your investment is protected.
Whether you are renovating your home or simply redecorating a room to make it more contemporary, you can easily include a new mantel in your design changes. The easy to install mantels provide you with a host of design options and can inspire you to come up with an original design statement.