How Much it Costs to run an Electric Fireplace

The question of whether or not electric fireplaces are actually efficient is one that many people are asking. Obviously, there’s a host of other benefits that are apparent when choosing this type of fireplace to incorporate into the home. It’s the efficiency of the unit that has people really intrigued.

Dimplex Synergy Wall Electric Fireplace

Without anything to compare it to, it’s hard to quantify just how efficient they are. Obviously, these things will change from home to home. No two homes are built alike, nor the amount of efficiency that the home provides. Things like properly sealed windows, doorways, and other air pathways can all make a difference on how well a home is heated.

The most efficient type of fireplace is a real one. These come with other real costs associated with them as well. There’s the cost of installing the chimney, and these are not cheap. These chimneys also need to be swept frequently to remove any soot. There’s also a toll it will take on the room that’s supplying the hearth in the first place. Fireplaces can kick out a pretty intoxicating stench, and is a chore to clean after being used. One thing can be said about them, however, is how efficient they are.

Alternatively, there’s gas fireplaces that people can choose for their heating purposes. Gas is incredibly expensive these days. Putting fire to anything gas, leaves most people with a sense of uneasiness, and regardless of how safe they claim to be.

The electric fireplace, however, offers a unique perspective on heating the house. It’s estimated that these units will cost anywhere from a couple of pennies up to seven cents per hour they are used. Homeowners can work this number down even further operating the unit in a zone heating capacity. What this does is alleviate the excessive energy being used to maintain temperatures in rooms that are hardly even utilized. By controlling the zone temperature with an electric fireplace this will cut energy costs down tremendously.

There’s other benefits to consider here as well. The electric fireplaces can be quite soothing all around. Unlike the wood burning fireplaces, they don’t invade the senses like the former does. Homeowners are also glad to have them for their easy upkeep. There’s nothing to clean, and no burnt carpet from embers flying off the wood. There’s no ventilation, puncturing walls, or any other costly procedures just to have a nice looking fireplace in the home.

In the end, it’s up to the home owner to decide what the practical solution is for them. Electric fireplaces offer comfort, flexibility, and esthetically pleasing scenery. Coupled with the fact that it’s extremely efficient makes this a solid choice all around.