How to Install a Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

This page will show you how to install a wall mounted electric fireplace Step-By-Step. Electric fireplaces can be recessed into the wall or hung on the wall like a picture frame. Electric fireplaces are economical and functional, providing heat for your family while putting extra money back into your pocket through energy savings. Installing a wall mount electric fireplace will also help you save space in your family room!

How to Install an Electric Wall Fireplace

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How to Install an Electric Fireplace in the Wall

The first thing that you’ll need to decide even before purchasing your fireplace is whether or not you want to install it within the wall or simply hang it. Some inserts can be recessed into the wall to make the face of the fireplace run flush with the wall. This give your fireplace a custom and contemporary look. Here are some examples of what’s out there

Here are some of our most popular recessed wall fireplaces: Opti-V PGF-10 (soon to be released!), Mortise Wall Mounted, and the Wakefield Espresso.

And a few of the most popular wall hung electric fireplaces: Elysium Infrared Quartz Wall Electric Fireplace, Pellham Pewter Gray,

When choosing to recess your electric insert, you also need to consider whether you have enough space within the wall. You will need to find an area that does not have any electrical boxes, wiring, gas lines, plumbing pipes, etc that will get in the way. The other option that you can use is to build the wall outwards to accommodate your wall fireplace.

Installing a Recessed Wall Fireplace

Installing a recessed wall fireplace will require some cutting, patching, and finish work. If you’re the handy Do-It-Yourself type, you can take it on as a weekend project. If not, you should hire a licensed professional to install it for you.

Installation instructions vary based on manufacturer and model. Always follow the installation guides that were sent with your electric fireplace. All hardware should be included. You can expect to find metal mounting brackets, screws, a mounting plate, and pins. If you’re installing your electric fireplace into a masonry wall, you’ll have to use masonry anchors and screws. This is provided within your installation kit but you can easily purchase them from your local hardware store.

Below are simple steps to help you install your recessed wall fireplace.

Step 1: Designating the right Location

Locate studs behind sheetrock. Depending on the size of your electric fireplace, your wall may have to support a considerable amount of weight. Never mount a wall fireplace to drywall!

Make sure that you have an electric outlet located close by and beneath the unit. You want the electrical outlet to be below the fireplace because the rising warm air will blow into your outlet. When possible, replace nearby outlets with non-flammable coverings.

Step 2: Hardwire vs Plugin Installation

There are hardwire and plugin units. A hardwired unit is “hardwired” directly into the wiring of your home. Plugin units have a standard 120V 3 prong that plugs directly into wall outlets. Never use extension cords to connect your electric fireplace or this could happen.

Hardwired units look better because they can be hidden in the wall and you don’t have to worry about loose connections. The only downside is that you’ll need a licensed electrician to do this for you. Plug-ins are easier but they don’t offer the clean aesthetics of a hidden wire. Still, you can find creative ways to hide unsightly wall outlets.

Hardwire Electric Fireplaces: Builders Box Contemporary 220V, Dimplex Galveston Wall Mount, and the Wakefield Espresso.

Plug in Wall Fireplaces: Dzonlic, Bliss Electric Fire Displayand the Serenity.

Step 3: Opening the Wall and Building a Frame

Cut open the wall using a reciprocating saw. Once you’ve opened up the wall, you will need to build a frame using 2×4’s according to the dimensions of your electric fireplace. Learn how to measure the dimensions of your fireplace correctly.

Place the unit inside the frame. Use shims to level the unit and verify that the fireplace is balanced with a leveler. This is one of the most important steps. When you’re certain that the unit is level, you can attach the fireplace to the box frame using the provided mounting brackets and screws.

Step 4: Wiring

For hardwired units, strip your wires ½” from the end. For safety and the best connections, you should use twist on wire connectors like these.(LINK) Don’t make the beginners error and finish everything up without first testing your electrical connection. Turn on your electric fireplace and make sure that all programs are functioning correctly.

Step 5: Adding the Finishing Touches

When all of the internal installation is complete, you can patch up the wall. Most units will come with a trim piece that will help cover up the area where the fireplace and drywall meet. Make your drywall come as close as possible for a clean finish.

Texturize and paint the wall before attaching trim pieces. Make sure that you use painters tape and painters plastic to protect your electric fireplace. When everything is dry and complete, you can attach the trim and enjoy your new recessed wall mount fireplace!

Installing a Wall Hung Electric Fireplace

Installing a wall hung electric fireplace is much simpler. It’s much like hanging a large picture frame or a large piece of artwork. You will need nails that are long (2”) and sturdy to make sure that they can support the weight of your electric fireplace. Keep in mind, drywall is normally ½” thick so make sure your screws are long enough to get a deep grip into your studs.

You can use a stud finder like this one or use the tap on the wall trick to locate studs. Most of these units are plugin so you can simply plug your electrical wire into the closest outlet and enjoy!

How to Install an Electric Insert into a Wall

The 33.62” ClassicFlame Serendipity Matte Black Wall Hanging Electric Fireplace.


Wall mounted electric fireplaces have a very contemporary look. By elevating your fireplace, this feature is more prominent in your home. It looks sleek, modern, and stylish. If installing a wall fireplace isn’t a feasible solution, you can always consider standard electric inserts which slide into your existing firebox and offer simple installation procedures. You can learn more about these by checking out the resources below.

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