The Domestic Renewable Energy Resource That’s Saving Japan During Its Electricity Crisis

Following Japans Fukishima Daiichi Nuclear disaster, the country is facing a serious power shortage. Prior to the nuclear meltdown, 30% of Japans energy was supplied through 53 power plants. Two years later, each of these power plants lies dormant and the much of the country is threatened of being cast in shadows. One Irish company hopes to change this.

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How Dimplex Plans to Be a Crucial Proponent in Japan’s Electrical Shortage

Japan has been importing fossil fuels at much higher prices especially when compared to the nuclear power it previously depended on. Japan has also been redistributing energy across its own regions to prevent forced blackouts. Interestingly, Sharp has also initiated a Cool Biz Campaign where employees are encouraged to wear shorts and short sleeves to limit the use of air conditioning and lighting.

Japanese companies are stretching their resources and investing in new fuel efficient technologies. Among these energy-efficient heating solutions, particular excitement surrounds the possibilities of electric fireplaces that were first invented by Glenn Dimplex in 1988. To date, some of their most popular models include the Opti-Myst and the recently unveiled Opti-Virtual Fire. They even have a model that doubles as an air-purifier.

Dimplex Energy Efficient Heating Solutions Span the Globe

Glenn Dimplex now has 5 offices in Japan staffed with 120 members. With a total population estimated at just 130 million, Japan holds the world’s 2nd wealthiest economy.

Elsewhere around the world, Dimplex is also hoping to curtail dependence on risky energy resources. In its homeland of Ireland, Dimplex aims to save the Irish economy over $1 Billion from imported fossil fuels. Japan has no access to domestic fuel sources in their own region. Importing oil and liquefied natural gas is only a short-term strategy that is not a sustainable option.

Dimplex Curved Multi-Fire XD Electric Fireplace Insert

Dimplex makes many electric fireplace styles like this one, the Multi-Fire XD with a curved front.  Click here to view all Dimplex Electric Heating Solutions.

Adopting these Techniques at Home

Everyday consumers can help lower our dependence on rapidly dissolving natural resources by installing energy efficient fireplaces. Converting gas fireplaces saves the natural environment and reduces energy bills. To learn more about the benefits of electric fireplaces, you can continue reading the following.

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