Leaving an Electric Fireplace on Overnight

Although there isn’t a problem per say with leaving an electric fireplace on overnight, it can raise some concerns about safety. All of the dangers associated with everyday household electronics also exist with electric fireplaces. As such, the appropriate precautions should be taken to prevent accidents from happening.

Here’s the two most common questions:

  • Can you leave an electric fireplace on overnight?
  • Is it safe to leave an electric fireplace on all night?

The Short Answer

Yes, it is okay to leave an electric fireplace insert on overnight but it’s best if you turn it off when possible. While it’s not necessarily dangerous, it’s important to observe basic safety precautions when using an electric fireplace.

Although electric fireplaces do not produce any carbon monoxide fumes, its best to turn your electric fireplace off when you leave the room for an extended period of time or plan on catching some zzz’s. Hopefully you don’t snore!

Tips for Leaving an Electric Insert on All Night

Set your climatic controls at a moderate temperature (60-65 degrees) so that you can stay warm without having to worry about any heating dangers. Your electric fireplace will turn off when it reaches a set temperature. If your electric fireplace doesn’t have this feature, you can find one here.

As with a traditional wood burning fireplace, you want to make sure that flammable materials are not within close proximity of your electric fireplace. This includes rugs, drapes, clothing, linens, etc. Similarly, you never want to sit drinks on top of an electric fireplace. Getting water on an electric device can trip your homes electrical panel.

When It’s Not Okay to Leave it On

It’s not okay to leave you electric fireplace insert on all night when you a broke. Although this may seem comical, the joke will be on you when your utility bills come in next month! Sure to sneak up on you if you haven’t done it before. As with conventional heating methods, use your electric fireplace sparingly to avoid high costs. You can also check out this resource to learn how to make your electric fireplace provide more heat.

32″ Hollis Real Flame White Electric Fireplace Stove . This model comes with an auto-timer that will shut off your electric fireplace when you’re snoozing! A great safety feature for your home!

Turn off your Electric Insert:

  • When using an extension cord. This is a big “no no!” This creates a burning hazard and can start fires! Learn Why You Should’t Use Extension Cords on Electric Fireplaces.
  • When your electric fireplace is emitting a funny smell. Sometimes (not in all cases), this can be a sign that your electric insert has an electrical problem. The smell may be caused by overheating wires that are burning the insulation.
  • When you’re a wild sleeper. If you’re prone to acting out crazy dreams, you might want to shut it off before you go to bed. You could knock it over unknowingly and cause serious damage. Luckily, most electric fireplaces come with an emergency safety shut-off switch that is triggered when it is knocked over.

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