How to Make your Electric Insert Provide More Heat without Using More Electricity

Getting the most out of your electric fireplace will help you capitalize on much needed energy savings while electricity prices are on the rise. Just what can an electric fireplace owner do to increase heat without using more electricity? Great question! At Portable, we want to make sure that you get the full benefits of owning an electric fireplace. Here’s what you can do!

Tips to Get the Most out of Your Electric Fireplace

1. Install a Damper Cap

Some homeowners think that they their fireplace vent is sealed just because they shut the damper. Traditional dampers are operated by a lever from the inside of the chimney. These dampers can warp over time and DO NOT provide an air tight seal.

Install a chimney damper cap to increase electric fireplace efficiency. These dampers sit atop the exit flue of your chimney and can be purchased online or in a local home improvement store for about $100. Warm air will continue to escape through your flue until you cap your chimney. This small investment will pay for itself within the first year.

2. Run Ceiling Fans Clockwise

Ceiling fans have a switch that allows them to run clockwise or counter-clockwise. Run ceiling fans clockwise on low to keep warm air evenly distributed throughout the room. When your ceiling fan circulates clockwise, cold air is pulled towards the ceiling and away from you. Keeping it on low speeds will prevent a cold breeze from sending a chill through your home. Using your ceiling fan to complement your electric fireplace will improve efficiency and help you save money on your utility bills.

For cooling effect during the summer. The fan should run in the forward direction (counter clockwise). This will force the air down to make it feel cooler

During the winter months, the fun should run in reverse (clockwise) at low speed in order to gently draw the room air up toward the ceiling. This will force the warm air down.

3. Install Tempered Windows

Tempered windows prevent heat transfer. Not only are they safer than regular glass, they can keep the heat your electric fireplace generates inside your home.

4. Inspect Insulation and Weather-stripping

Leaky windows mean that money is flying out the window, literally. Similar to the chimney damper cap, you want to make sure that all insulation and weather stripping is not punctured. Touch up window caulking by running to a local home improvement store and picking up a caulking tube.

Weather stripping for doors is also inexpensive. Insert door seals on doors throughout your home. The ones that have several rows of rubber ridges cost a few dollars more and they work really well. You’ll be surprised how well they keep drafts from flowing through your home. Once installed, close all doors in rooms that are not occupied. This will keep heat centralized and reduce wasted energy.

Window and Door seals help reduce heating costs during the winter.

5. Let the Sun Work for You

Keep curtains and blinds open that are facing the sun. This will allow the sun’s rays to penetrate directly into your home. When approaching sunset, close windows and curtains to contain the warmth that the sun provides. This saves the suns natural heat and reduces dependence on your electric fireplace.

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