The Optiflame® Fire by Dimplex

Patented electric flame technology is at our fingertips in the Dimplex Optiflame® fire effect. This world-renowned electric flame can be seen in many Dimplex products, including the latest electric inserts and wall fireplaces.

Electric fireplaces were brought to life by Dimplex, when the Optiflame® was incorporated into the very first fireplaces on the market. Since then, the company has been consistently made the effect even more realistic year after year.

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What is the Optiflame® Effect?

The Optiflame effect is a patented technology that simulates the illusion of flames emanating from the center of an enhanced depth fuel bed, generating an illusion of a real fire in the hearth. As the first commercial fireplace, the Optiflame set a standard that revolutionized home heating as technology fused with even the most traditional aspects of life as we know it.

If you’re not wanting to go through the smoke and smell caused by real fireplaces, the Optiflame® effect is perfect for any space you have. Below is a video clip that shows you what the Optiflame effect looks like in real life.

Benefits of the Optiflame®

1. Energy Efficiency

The Optiflame® effect present in many fireplaces will not only allow you to embellish your home with a realistic fireplace, but also utilize your home’s energy with the highest efficiency.

Dimplex electric fireplaces create unique effects that are energy efficient to any home as soon as they’re installed, allowing you to heat and light up your home without wasting any heat or electricity. The flames in these products work independently o f a home’s heat, saving you about $1.50/hour compared to using a conventional home heater. This way, you won’t have to overheat your home while also only using as much power as a few light bulbs.

2. Realistic and Proactive

Along with the Optiflame® effect comes Dimplex’s temperature-sensing technology incorporated into each fireplace. While you watch these realistic flames crackle in your living area every night of the year, your fireplace will also constantly measure and maintain an optimal temperature in the blink of an eye. No excess heat will be produced, keeping you warm while you also save money.

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3. Reduce Carbon Emissions

Although it may seem like wood is burning in the Optiflame®, you won’t be using up any wood sources. You’ll actually be reducing carbon emissions that you’d normally have with traditional fireplaces. Minimizing carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide emissions will increase the air quality within your home, and is a safe and proactive way to protect your family and pets.

Glenn Dimplex – Manufacturer of the Optiflame Effect

Dimplex has been an industry leader in electrical heating products since its founding in 1973. Constantly creating new and efficient innovations for almost half a century, Dimplex is credited with introducing the electric fireplace to the world in 1988. Every day, the company figures out new ways to create and improve on products for residential, commercial, and industrial markets.

Purchasing Products with the Optiflame®

The Optiflame® is one of many Dimlex innovations that has touched the world over the years. Many of Dimplex’s products are available with, where you can search for an electric fireplace that matches the style of your home or office. Shop for

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