Electric Fireplace Repair: Replacing Your Flame Rod

Overtime, you may have to replace the Flame Rod on your electric fireplace. Thankfully, this is can be done with a little know-how, everything will be back to normal before you know it.

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Replacing your flame rod and flame rod motor does require some mechanical skill so make sure you read the entire instructional before opening things up.

Symptoms of a Faulty Flame Rod

A bad flame rod can often be diagnosed by a grinding noise coming from your electric fireplace. It will have a distinctive sound that differs from other signs of problems with your fireplace. Other sounds include whirring, buzzing and rattling noises.

If these are not the symptoms your electric fireplace is experiencing, you can try finding the solution on the following pages:

The Function of the Flame Rod & Motor

The flame rod is located inside of your electric fireplace and attaches to the flame motor. The function of the flame rod is to orchestrate the visual and auditory features of your electric fireplace. This is how engineers get the speed and size of the flame to coincide with the auditory sounds that your electric fireplace produces.

Understanding the Root of the Problem

A damaged flame rod can cause clearance issues. When this happens, it will begin rubbing on other internal components of your electric fireplace. This can cause further damage to your fireplace and should be fixed/replaced as soon as possible.

Electric Fireplace Flame Motor

What You’ll Need:

  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Soft blanket or towel

Repairing/ Replacing a Flame Rod

*Always turn off your fireplace prior to maintenance! Allow at least 15 minutes for cooling before working on any part of your fireplace especially heating elements and light bulbs. Failure to do so can result in accidental burning of the skin.*

How to Remove the Flame Rod and the Flame Motor

1. Disconnect the power to eliminate the risk of the power flipping on accidentally and causing electric shock.

2. Remove the firebox trim (if applicable) by placing your hand on the grill section. Grab the trim and pull toward you to release the retaining clips.

3. Remove the firebox from the mantel surround. This step applies if you own an electric insert. Disregard Steps #1 & 2 if you own a free-standing electric fireplace.

4. Place the firebox face down on a flat surface. You can lay out a blanket/towel to prevent scratching or damage to the front of your fireplace.

5. Remove the mounting screws on the bottom cover. Remove the bottom panel by lifting up on the panel slightly to remove release the glass.

6. Locate the flame motor and flame rod assembly. Remove wiring, clips and connections making sure to note their original configuration prior to removal. You can draw out a diagram or mark each wire with a Sharpie and a piece of tape to help you remember.

7. Remove the flame assembly mounting bracket screws and rotate the assembly forward. This will release the mounting tabs from the rear cover. Use caution when handling the flame motor! The flame rod can be damaged during removal and installation.

8. Removing the Flame Rod – Using needle nose pliers, apply pressure to the spring on the motor shaft. Pull the spring and rotate in the opposite direction of the spring winding.

9. Removing the Flame Motor – To remove the flame motor you have to remove the flame rod first in Step #8. Remove the motor mounting screws and remove the motor from the mounting bracket.

How to Re-Install the Flame Rod and the Flame Motor

1. Re-install the flame motor first by reversing the directions of disassembly. Tighten down the mounting screws and the mounting bracket for the flame motor.

2. Re-installing the Flame Rod – Attach needle nose pliers to the flame rod spring and push onto the flame motor shaft while rotating in the same direction of the spring winding.

3. Position the flame rod assembly and tighten down the mounting bracket screws.
Note: Be careful when installing the flame rod! You can damage this and cause the new part to function incorrectly!

4. Orient the flame motor and connect all of the wiring clips and connections in their original locations. Refer to the marking you made in Step #6 above.

5. Insert the glass and replace mounting screws on the bottom mounting panel.

Turning on Your Fireplace after Repair

When you first turn on your fireplace after repair, make sure that you watch, listen, and inspect for any unusual occurrences. Shut off your fireplace immediately if you notice any problems. If all was done correctly, the rhythm of your electric fireplace should be in order and the visual and auditory features will be working correctly!

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If you are experiencing further problems, be sure to contact the manufacturer of your electric fireplace. Visit Portable Fireplace.com to find replacement units at the lowest prices on the web, guaranteed.