Rustic Decor: What Is It? and How Do I Get It?

Do you love nature but live in the city or suburbs? Don’t worry! You can add a little touch of the wild to your living space by incorporating elements of rustic home decor. What exactly is rustic decor? Rustic decor is an interior design style that emphasizes natural elements, tones, and materials that when combined create a feeling of coziness. While this type of style is often found in homes that are situated in rural or woodland areas, there is no reason you can’t bring a touch of rustic warmth into your home or apartment.

Add a touch of rustic to your modern living space to create contrast and balance.

Why Add Rustic Elements to Your Interior?

It’s no secret that we live in a fast paced world that speeds up more and more each day. Ideally, when we are at home we can escape this feeling. The benefit of adding rustic style to your living space is that it brings warmth into the space and reflects a style of living that prizes the outdoors, relaxation, and reflection. By including a few rustic pieces in your home you can bring beautiful natural colors and calming energy in your daily routine.

So Then, What Exactly Is Rustic Decor?

To define rustic decor we have to first look at what natural elements inspire this style. These elements can be broken down into three simple and recognizable categories: Wood, Stone, and Metal.


  • Adding more wood pieces to your space will help add the warmth and natural tones that define rustic style. A great wood to choose is Pine. Pine wood often features imperfections and knots, giving you an unrefined yet classic look.
  • If you are in the market to renovate or are looking into purchasing a new home, look for wood beamed ceilings. These ceilings are not only beautiful but also call to mind rustic lodges and vintage American style.
  • Another great option when choosing furniture pieces is white birch. This style is distinctly rustic and blends well with any existing decor that may be more modern.
  • Finding old logs while you’re out on a hike is another great way to add rustic elements to your home. There are many fun DIY projects you do with your family to repurpose your finds!


  • When looking into adding accents to your space, consider mountain stone.
  • Stone makes for a beautiful accent wall or rustic fireplace.
  • Stone gives your home a highly visual, textured quality.
  • Stone tile flooring can also be used as an alternative to the more common wood flooring.
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  • Adding non-shiny metal accents to your home is a fantastic way to bring a little old time style into your decor.
  • Punched tin lamp shades work particularly well.
  • Try to find metal accent pieces that look handcrafted.
  • Antique metal collectibles work well on shelves and tables too!

What about Colors and Fabrics?

You’ll want to work with earth tones when selecting a color palette. Think of colors that are calming and subdued. For example, earthy and rusty reds, browns, tan, and darker greens. For your fabrics, lean towards cotton and linens in simple colors and simple textures.

For accent pieces, woven blankets with southwestern patterns, striped pillows for a more modern look, or leather pillows work great. These options allow you to add small twists and influences from other design styles to your space, allowing you to create a space that truly reflects your personality. You can also experiment with handmade candles, plaids, and big leather pieces to complement your rustic decor.

How Do I Start to Add Rustic Decor to My Home?

The easiest way to infuse your home with the rustic touch is to purchase pieces that are already designed in that style. This will allow you to see if you want to convert your whole living space into rustic decor or if you just simply want add a few rustic elements as accent pieces.

Consider incorporating an electric fireplace into your existing decor. Portable has a wide slection of rustic fireplaces at the lowest prices to keep you warm and in style!

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