Is an Outdoor Fireplace Right for You?

An outdoor fireplace adds to the overall beauty and maximum use of your pool area, patio, or backyard. You can go for the modern gel, gas, or electric fireplace models, or opt for the traditional fireplace that burns wood. Both will offer a unique charm and vibrancy to your outdoors.


The Ideal Place to Install the Outdoor Fireplace
Various outdoor fireplaces come in a diverse range of shapes and sizes. Thus, whether your backyard or outdoor area is big or small, you can definitely fit in an outdoor fireplace.

Fireplaces are generally the main attraction of any place, whether outside or indoors. You can choose to place your fireplace in an area where the family and guests are most likely to gather for fun and partying. You can put it on the periphery of the deck or patio, underneath a pergola or an arbor near the pool, or on the biggest wall of a surrounded porch.

You choose to put the outdoor fireplace at any place, depending on the available spaces. There is no wrong or right! If you are not sure about the size of your outdoor fireplace, then you can take measurements of the available spaces and then hunt for the right one.

People who cannot find any space for an outdoor fireplace can still enjoy its warmth and ambiance by option for a fire-pit that is set up in place of a patio table or near a congregation point.

The Right Kind of Outdoor Fireplace
Four types of fuel are used by most fireplaces, namely, gas, wood, electricity, and a specific type of flammable gel. Fireplaces which use wood are elegant and strong. However, as compared to other models, they need extra maintenance and cleanup
Gel fireplaces are typically compact and practical, which means that you can easily install them outdoors near the patio regions, deck, and pool areas. They also use less energy than electric models, and require less cleanup than wood burning fireplaces.

Electric fireplaces are very convenient and require minimal cleanup. However, they require wall outlets for operation which can limit the placement options.

Installation of an Outdoor Fireplace
Correct installation of an outdoor fireplace is dependent on various factors, including the prevailing weather conditions, the fireplace model, and the time of year. Go through the entire manual of the outdoor fireplace model, before arriving at a decision whether to install it yourself, or whether to seek professional help.