What is Fire Glass and How Does it Work?

Have you ever been at an outdoor event decorated with firepits full of fire glass and just been mesmerized? These tiny, shiny rocks that somehow put out heat. What is fire glass? If it’s glass, how can it withstand the heat of flames without melting or shattering? We’ve got the answers to those questions and more.

If you’re looking for a unique way to add heating to your outdoor space, look no further. Fire glass is the ultimate in wow factor and you’ll save money in the long run.  Let’s discover fire glass together and learn about what makes fire glass so special!

Fire glass

Fire glass serves two purposes; aesthetics and functional. Fire glass became a popular alternative to fake ceramic gas logs that kill the natural ambiance of a dancing flame. Exposed gas lines create an awkward visual that makes it apparent that you are not experiencing a real flame.

Fire glass provides a decorative way to cover up gas jets with beautiful pebbles and crystals that not only look great but increase heat radiation by up to 4 times! Fire glass pebbles are available in a variety of shapes and colors that can create a glowing focal point in your backyard or inside the family room.

Fire Glass Basics

These glowing pieces of crystalline glass may look like something out of a fantasy world, but they actually have a practical purpose! Fire glass can increase heat radiation up to 4 times! Keep your backyard welcoming and warm on chilly evenings by using a fire glass pit. The luminescent glow of the fire glass is both enchanting and inviting. From winter parties to backyard barbecues, you’ll be ready to host guests with a fire glass firepit or fireplace.

If it’s not magic, what is fire glass? Fire glass made of is small pebble-like pieces of specially-treated glass used in firepits, tabletop fire places, and gas burning fireplaces. When fire glass for sale first became popular in the mid-2000’s, the  fire and ice fantasy aesthetic was a huge trend.

Fire glass is used in place of the faux ceramic logs, common in gas fireplaces.  These fake logs can look, well, fake, and leave the unsightly gas line exposed. The ambiance of a natural, dancing flame is somewhat ruined by the appearance of cheerfully phony burning log. The fire glass pebbles cover up the gas jets that can ruin the overall appearance of your fireplace or pit.   Since fire glass is available in a wide variety of shapes and colors, fire glass is like a custom feature for your firepit or fireplace!

How Is Fire Glass Made?

Fire glass may look like ordinary pieces of glass*  that you can buy at the craft store, but unlike vase fillers or other household glass, fire glass is specially tempered.  Fire glass is treated to withstand flames without melting or shattering. Tempered glass is a common type of glass we see in windows, computer screens, and shower doors.

*Do not attempt to use any other glass in place of fire glass; it’s extremely dangerous. Untreated glass may explode when burned!

Want a more eco-friendly heating option? Fire glass is the way to go! Fire glass is made out of recycled glass. It is safe to use, because of the tempering process. It will not explode, melt, soot, and does not release harmful byproducts into the air.

Fire Glass

Fire glass looks amazing, leaves no mess, and it’s mesmerizing!

Fire glass usually comes in the shape of small pebbles or in the form of crystals. Fire glass crystals are made to simulate the look of diamonds and other special cut stones. They are essentially the same thing, merely represented in a different shape.

Here’s a link where you can buy fire glass for outdoor fire pits.

How to Use Fire Glass Crystals

Fire glass usually comes in the shape of small pebbles or crystals. Fire glass crystals are made to simulate the look of sparkling diamonds and precious gems. Filling an outdoor fire pit with fire glass crystals creates an ethereal glowing look, perfect for a cocktail party.

Fire glass crystals sit on top of the flame, on a tray. Many outdoor firepits/ fireplaces are outfitted with these trays specifically for fire glass usage. To use fire glass, simply fill the tray evenly,  and turn on the gas.

The flames rise up around the glass, appearing as though the glass pebbles are on fire. Fire glass shimmers and glitters beautifully; you’ll be instantly enchanted. The best fire glass color is a matter of preference. Some may like the clear fire glass for a fresh, sparkling look, while others may go for a blue magical flame. Fire glass is available in a wide range of colors, including orange, aqua, green, onyx, and topaz. Set the tone for a gathering, or keep things chill year-round with your favorite colors. The versatility and ease-of-use of fire glass is unmatched!

In an outdoor firepit,  fire glass and lava rock can be used together for a more organic looking fire.

How Much Fire Glass Do I Need?

To determine how much fire glass you need for your indoor or outdoor fire pit, first determine the diameter of your fire pit. Next, measure the fill tray and decide how much you would like to fill it. Calculate how many pounds of fire glass by multiplying the diameter of the pit by how much you plan to fill the tray. When you purchase a firepit from PortableFireplaces.com, we offer fire glass as an add-on to your order. You won’t need to worry about having the right amount of fire glass when you order with us. re glass can be used indoors or outdoors, with gas or propane fire pits. How much fire glass you need depends on the diameter of your fire pit and the depth of fill you would like. Determine the volume of this space and calculate how many pounds of fire glass you’ll need for your fire pit!

The 42” Keenan White LP Fire pit Table.

How Long Does Fire Glass Last?

Since fire glass is heat treated, it is possible for it to last up to 20 years! In most cases, however, expect your fire glass to last around 8 years. To make your fire glass last as long as possible, try to clean it regularly. Cleaning fire glass is simple! First, the fire glass must be 100% cool. Then, working in small batches, wash fire glass in a metal strainer using mild soap and warm water. Let dry completely before using again. A good trick is to clean fire glass when you switch colors, that way it will always be dazzling!

The best fire glass is fire glass that enhances the fireside experience. Switching to fire glass means no more clean up, no more ugly gas lines, and no more fake logs! Just beautiful fire to keep you and your guests toasty warm! For more outdoor heating options, visit our outdoor fireplace and fire pit collections.

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