Top 10 Tips for Wood Stove Safety

A wood stove is a fantastic way to feel warm and cozy on a cold afternoon. However, one needs to use it properly to ensure their safety.

wood stove

Cleaned and Inspected

Have the wood stove cleaned and inspected by a certified specialist. This will remove creosote buildup that causes many fires in the wood stove.

Air Vents

One should also leave air vents to the wood stove open when the fire is on. This prevents the buildup of creosote. If the wood stove has a glass door this should be kept open as long as the fire is burning and shut as soon as the fire is putout.

Mesh Screens

In order to prevent sparks from setting fire to flammable objects in the room, the woven mesh screens around the wood stove must be closed. If the stove does not have a mesh screen, one should install a mesh screen around it to prevent accidents caused by sparks.

Move Flammable Objects

Another safety precaution to be adopted before lighting a wood stove is to move flammable objects away from it. Paper, silk, and objects made of these materials should be moved away to reduce risk of fire.


All wood stoves should have thermometers installed that enable one to monitor flue temperatures. If this rises beyond the acceptable limits, the fire should be put down before it becomes hazardous.

Fire Resistant Materials

The fireplace and other areas around the wood stove should be built of fire resistant material such as stone. This significantly reduces the chance of a fire spreading from the stove to the rest of the house.

Chimney Cleaning

In order to reduce the chances of the chimney catching fire, it should be cleaned before the first time the wood stove is lighted in a season. This will ensure that there are no nests or twigs in the chimney that can catch fire.

Firewood Stack

A wood stove requires firewood for fuel. However, to maximize safety, this firewood should be stacked away from the house, in a garage or yard room. This will ensure that it does not catch fire inadvertently.

Clean Roof

The roof should be cleared of twigs, branches, and other debris before the cold season starts. This will ensure that any sparks from the chimney do not lead to the roof catching fire.

Chimney Mesh

The chimney vent on the outside should also be covered with a mesh screen to prevent sparks from escaping and causing a fire when you light a wood stove.