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Both Are Vent Free so What is the Difference Between Gas Fireplaces and Electric Fireplaces?

Gas vs Electric Fireplaces

Electric Fireplaces are Cost Effective and Safe for Your Home

While operating cost is very important, we believe that safety is a priority. Gas fueled appliances that provide real fire can cause harm to your family and to your home given the right unfortunate circumstances. Ventless fireplaces simply plug into any standard household electrical outlet and provides efficient supplemental heating without live flames. Electric fireplaces are made with metals and materials that are cool to the touch, so family and friends will be safe within their proximity. With electric fireplaces, accidental fires that can be caused by poor installations of gas fireplaces are a lot less likely to occur.

Vented wood burning and gas burning fireplaces or vent-free gas fueled fireplaces are much more expensive to operate than electric fireplaces. All electric fireplaces feature a standard pre-wired three prong electrical plug which plugs into any standard household electrical outlet, this makes installation a breeze. There are no gas hoses and fittings so save money and do away with hiring expensive contractors who understand the dangers of installing a gas fireplace improperly. There is no masonry work required, and no holes that need to be drilled or exterior walls that need to be modified and maintained.

The Difference Between Electric Fireplaces and Gas Fireplaces

Public safety concerns are a notable difference between Electric Fireplaces and Gas Fireplaces. Gas fireplaces and appliances when constructed and installed to code, is safe for consumers. However when purchasing gas fireplaces that require a degree of expertise, assembly, and installation, one must be knowledgeable in gas connection procedures and carrying out this task is not something most people are comfortable with doing. A gas leak is extremely dangerous and can endanger family, friends, and pets. The cost of hiring a professional to install your gas fireplace is negated and converts into savings when purchasing an electric fireplace that can be assembled by anyone and only needs to be plugged in to an electrical outlet.

Vent free gas fireplaces and electric fireplaces are both much less expensive than building or installing a vented gas fireplace or wood burning fireplace into your home. The key difference between the two is that an electric fireplace provides heat and realistic flames without the utilizing a real flame, vent-free gas fireplaces uses real gas fuel and features real fire. Gas fireplaces cost about 18 cents an hour to operate, and electric fireplaces cost about 4 cents an hour to operate without the heat setting on, and only 9 cents an hour to operate with the heat turned on. You will experience 50% higher energy efficiency when using an electric fireplace versus a gas fireplace.

Electric Fireplace Inserts

An electric fireplace insert, is a pre-wired unit that only needs to be plugged into a standard three prong household electrical outlet for operation. There are a total of two electric fireplace insert designs that you should choose from that will best work for your home. The first design is a box that consists of four sides and is commonly known as a plug in electric fireplace that can function and provide heat and enjoyment for all as an independent unit. The four sided box design comes in a multitude of sizes and shapes that could become part of a media center or mantel cabinet. These electric fireplace insert units can be placed in a bookcase, entertainment center, or even a custom made mantel that you designed yourself. Electric fireplace inserts feature dual voltage which allows for them to be hard wired into your homes electrical system should you wish for it to be stationary and is more of a permanent installation with higher heat output. The second design is an electric fireplace log insert, this is an electric log that looks just like a real log except it is placed or housed on a grate that is then inserted into a traditional fireplace or existing masonry lined fireplace. Both designs are excellent additions to your home and your choice would be made based on what features you want and the size and space of the existing design of your fireplace structure. Vent free gas fireplaces and electric fireplaces are very similar to each other in that neither requires a vent to operate. Electric fireplaces do not require live flames to produce heat, whereas gas fireplaces do. Electric fireplace are constructed of child safe materials that remain cool to the touch and are safe for family, friends, and pets. Electric fireplaces have many styles, they can come within a mantel or wooden firebox which all feature cast stone or clay logs that produce beautiful glowing ember effects, if you are limited on space you can install small free standing units such as an Amish fireplace. Any of these electric fireplace units are a great addition to individuals who enjoy fireplaces but do not want to deal with the troubles and maintenance of installing a traditional fireplace and can be used in businesses or homes.

Wall Mounted Fireplaces

To be honest there are a multitude of different electric plug in fireplaces to choose from, however wall mounted fireplaces, are a great choice for those that want the ambiance and presence of a real traditional fireplace without the constant maintenance and costs associated with installing and owning one. Wall mounted fireplaces are powered by electricity and should have a dedicated electrical outlet installed directly behind the face of the wall mounted fireplace. They come in many styles, designs, and finishes that can match any business or home's existing d├ęcor.

Wall mounted fireplaces are a great aesthetic and functional addition to any office or home, and their space saving designs are perfect for apartments, condominiums, lofts, and or cottages. They also can be used for all seasons as the heat setting can be turned off while the flames and burning embers are in full effect. The patented realistic flame technology provides a romantic touch to any setting, and is sure to improve the ambiance of any family gathering or social event for your business or home without the unnecessary heat associated with real fire. Keeping the heat off and using only the ambiance of the electric flames also saves money during the summer, as operating cost is significantly lower with the heat setting off.