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Electric Fireplace Resources

Improve Energy Efficiency at Home
You can purchase a traditional firebox or a contemporary firebox, the choice is up to you and we do have both styles available. Our electric fireboxes with their mantles provide warmth while adding a touch of class and beauty to your home. The beauty of owning an electric fireplace is that you do not have to worry about maintenance or cleaning.

Electric & Gel Fireplace Buyer's Guide
Offers information on electric fireplace and gel fireplace. There are two types of portable fireplaces and what differentiates the two is the fuel type. Read the buyer's guide and find out which type of fireplace is best for you.

Add Value to your Home with an Electric Fireplace!
When people think of increasing the value of their property they seldom think of fireplaces. Most people focus on their bathrooms, kitchens, and yards. While all of this is correct, improving a living area will also increase the value of your home.

Electric Fireplaces that will Work Best for your Condo, Apartment, or Small Space
With all of the benefits, perks, and money saving features of owning an electric fireplace it is no wonder that it is increasingly popular for American homes every year.

The Difference Between Electric Fireplaces and Gas Fireplaces
Vent free gas fireplaces and electric fireplaces are both much less expensive than building or installing a vented gas fireplace or wood burning fireplace into your home.

Bringing Warmth Into Your Home With Electric Fireplaces
Regardless of the style, electric fireplaces offer visually attractive designs that operate quietly in the background. Whether you’re in need of an ambiance enhancer or a local heat source, electric fireplaces can do both with options to provide a visually realistic fire or with emission of heat to the home.

Benefit of Converting Wood and Gas to Electric Fireplace
Today’s electric fireplace heaters and electric fireplace logs are quickly becoming popular with consumers with an environment-conscious mindset.

Saving Energy Tips for Your Home
Electric fireplaces are a great way to give your home localized heating that is both consistent and energy-efficient.

Is An Electric Wall Mount Fireplace Right For You?
The choice between an electric fireplace to a traditional fireplace can be very significant when choosing between models. Electric fireplaces are now being considered as alternatives to traditional fireplaces, but offer a few more benefits.

Electric Fireplace Reviews
Read electric fireplace customer reviews submitted by our customers. Find out pro and cons of specific electric fireplace by reading our past customers top reviews. Product review ratings will help you make a decision on which electric fireplace to purchase.