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Is An Electric Wall Mount Fireplace Right For You?

Is An Electric Wall Mount Fireplace Right For You?

The choice between an electric fireplace to a traditional fireplace can be very significant when choosing between models. Electric fireplaces are now being considered as alternatives to traditional fireplaces, but offer a few more benefits. An electric or wall mount fireplace takes up less real estate than traditional fireplaces, making them more versatile. Additionally, a wall mount fireplace can be the premier choice for individuals who want to spruce up their home or office. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, electric fireplaces also provides heat when the weather is cold.

A wall mount fireplace can transform any home or office into a more aesthetically pleasing environment. Not only does it provide a realistic flame effect complete with gentle burning embers, most models provide supplemental heat that can be controlled regardless of the flame. All of our electric fireplaces meet all safety standards as they are all test to ensure they meet UL standards, and is thermostat controlled. Best of all, all electric fireplaces can be plugged into an electrical outlet and be ready for use instantly.

Accommodation for All Shapes and Sizes

A wall mount fireplace can be a great modern alternative to a traditional fireplace, but a small electric fireplace can also be another great choice if you prefer the look of more traditional fireplaces. A small electric fireplace is the perfect choice for individuals with limited space while offering the same heat output as their larger counterparts. A small electric fireplace can be plugged into an electrical outlet, and most models offer a remote control for ease of use. They can be used with or without heat, and the cost to operate is about two cents per hour with no heat, or twelve cents per hour with heat. Not only are they cost effective due to their switchable heating, they are also very versatile due to their smaller size.

A wall mount fireplace offers both space saving and modern looking qualities. In the global technology age that we live in, they provide aesthetically pleasing designs that also offers heat when desired. A small electric fireplace is the answer for individuals who are looking to save space and still get the desired heating of a larger electric fireplace. Ideally, both models fit any budget and size expectations.

Space Saving and Fit for Any Budget

A wall mount electric fireplace is ideal in small or large spaces. They offer space saving qualities that can add an instant modern touch while keeping some qualities of a traditional fireplace. An electric fireplace comes in many finishes, from polished or brushed stainless steel, gun metal, chrome, stone, wood, or mirrored glass finishes. Multiple color configurations are also available in white, black, or red. Whether it is a wall mount electric fireplace, a recessed fireplace, or a free standing fireplace, they can be used year round; with or without the heat on.

A wall mount electric fireplace is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also cost efficient. The realistic flame technology allows its patrons to enjoy the environment of a real fire for three cents per hour without the heat on, and twelve cents per hour with the heat on. Each unit outputs about 5,000 BTUs per hour and can be used to heat rooms that are in use, rather than heating the entire area.

Transition from Traditional To Modern

Fireplaces have been found in homes as long as history has existed. They have provided us with warmth, and have even cooked our food. The idea of the home fireplace has not changed much in the past century; however, a modernizing world has allowed the evolution of a traditional medium into a modern one. A wall mount electric fireplace can be compared with wall mounted peripherals such as wall-mounted televisions. They offer space saving designs and can be catered to fit any budget. Additionally, they are easy to operate due to their versatility as they only require an electric plug to operate.