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While electricity has taken over the function of nighttime lighting, there will always be a spot in the human heart that connects with the essence of a lantern. Lanterns are a great way to bring in that nostalgia and use it to produce a powerful effect of comfort and ease. The ability of lanterns to hook the attention of those around it make them the perfect centerpieces for any table.

Lanterns placed outside in various locations allows their light to regain some of their former glory and functionality. They add character and purpose to an otherwise ordinary furniture set or ensemble. Most lanterns are made from metal in neutral colors, black, or white so that they can fully integrate themselves into your existing or future decorative set up.

When buying a lantern, you will need to keep where you’re planning to use and keep it. Some of the materials used to construct them may not be appropriate for outside use or storage. LED lanterns are one example of those which need to be taken inside in the event of harsh weather conditions. However, these LED or flameless lanterns are perfect for inside use, especially in smaller rooms that don’t have enough ventilation.

Some flameless lanterns also have infrared heaters included which are perfect for adding in additional functionality. Although these electric LED lanterns lack their ancestors’ glorious flames, they are much safer and still make a very noticeable difference in the way their surroundings are taken in. Lanterns come in large and small sizes that give you portability and versatility to keep them all around your home or move them about if somewhere looks empty.