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When it comes to fireplaces, there are so many components necessary for optimal satisfaction and fire safety. Unfortunately, concern over things like log racks and the correct fuel to buy usually makes us forget some of the smaller items on your list such as lighters and fire crackler sound systems that add ambience to quieter alternative fuel fireplaces.

Hand held lighters make starting a fire quick and easy for everyone. Even with a lighter, depending on the type of fireplace you own there are differences in how you begin the process. For traditional fireplaces that use wood as the primary fuel source, you should consider buying an andiron to lift your logs up off the hearth to increase air flow.

After you’ve finished adding in your wood, you’ll need to put easily flammable tinder under the logs, which you’ll then set ablaze with a lighter. In the case of gel or gas fires, all you need to do is take your lighter and guide the flame to the gel or the stream of gas.

Electric fireplaces don’t require fuel or lighters to start up, but some owners find that their experience isn’t as fully immersive as other types of fireplaces. The likely answer to your problems is a fire crackler sound system. The tranquility brought in by the harmonious sizzles and crackles will lull you into a state of utter bliss, washing your daily troubles away.

So when you’re making a list, check it twice, and ask yourself if you need any additional fireplace accessories.