Top 6 Ways to Decorate Your Fireplace When it’s Not in Use

A fireplace is an inviting and warm place in your home. There is a certain kind of romantic ambiance about fireplaces. Most of us tend to think of the fireplaces when the weather becomes chilly. Then we stack up their welcoming spaces with logs and burn wood to revel it its warmth and glow. Most times a fireplace is not in use. During such periods you can decorate it in varied ways to prevent it from looking lonely, desolate, or empty.


The top 6 ways to decorate your fireplace when it’s not in use are listed below:

1. Fashion a Fanciful Display

You can use the space near the fireplace to store and display many bottles of wine. Thus, you will always have a delectable bottle of red within arm’s reach. Place a few vases on the mantel to accessorize this whimsical display.

2. Make a Small Cozy Library

Turn the fireplace corner into a book lover’s nest. Do not just haphazardly toss the books. You can arrange it horizontally as well as vertically thereby giving it a chic pattern. It will also add to the overall décor and design of your home. Also, a fabulous book will always be within reach when you want to cozy up in the corner and catch up on your reading.

3. Turn the Fireplace into a Storage Space

Add shelving units to the home interiors near the fireplace and turn it into an additional storage space. You can add a little bit of zing and fun by putting up a printed wallpaper as the background. If your apartment is small and lacks storages spaces, then this is ideal for you.

4. Fireplace are for Logs

A fireplace is built for logs. Even when you just place the decorative logs in it without setting in ablaze, it offers that cozy and warm feeling. You can arrange logs of varied sizes and textures in different patterns in the fireplace, so as to give it that unique look.

5. Flowers and Greenery

Decorate the fireplace with colorful flowers and plants. It will not block the view of the fireplace, but add a bit of glamor to it. The flowers can also be changed to different ones as per the changing seasons, thereby offering a novel look to the entire home with the change of seasons.

6. Put Up Your Collectibles

You can also adorn the fireplace with collectibles and vignettes. It is however essential to keep them clean.