A New Curve on Electric Fireplaces

Tired of the flat and straight design of conventional electric fireplace inserts? Well we have a new product that is sure to solve your electric fireplace needs. The patented curved design of our convex electric fireboxes allow for a curved front with full view. The patented design is an exclusive style that revolutionizes the “look and feel” of electric fireboxes. The simulated brick refractory that lines the inside of the firebox creates a natural fireplace appeal that adds to the realism of the electric fireplace. Accent lighting adds to the ambiance and aesthetic appeal of the electric firebox as well. The realistic wood burning flame effect operates with or without heat meaning one can still enjoy the ambiance on a warm summer evening and stay cool!

Referring to the above picture, you can see that the touch pad controls are conveniently located on the face of the electric firebox which allows for easy access and operation. What if you are cozy in bed or on your couch and don’t want to get up to adjust the heat settings? Our new curved electric fireboxes also include a fully functional remote control that allows you to control the ambient lighting as well as the thermostat of the electric firebox. Although the curved electric firebox features a totally new style, it still provides efficient eco friendly heating up to 400 square feet with an impressive maximum heat output of 4,500 BTU’s.

The Sonoma Electric Fireplace below features the new curved firebox design with a contemporary style mantel.

The Sheppard Media Electric Fireplace below features the new curved firebox design with storage for electrical components and a flat panel television.

The St. Anthony Tall Electric Fireplace below features unique vertical shelf space with the new curved firebox design, a designers favorite as this is a perfect showcase for your family heirlooms and pictures.

Our new curved electric fireplaces come complete with the fireplace mantel so all you have to do is select the style that matches your home décor best. The mantels curved front highlights the exclusive curved firebox design and is sure to provide the look of an authentic fireplace. All electric fireplaces come with a standard three prong electrical plug that will plug right into any standard household electrical outlet. The best way to make your selection would be to examine the interior décor of your home and select the finish and style that will go best with your existing décor. We recommend that you measure your space in advance to ensure proper fitment so that you can enjoy your electric fireplace without worrying about it obstructing any walkways or lounge areas.