The Dimplex Opti-V VF2927L – The Most Realistic Flame Effect

The Dimplex Opti-V VF2927L is part of the all new Opti-Virtual series. The Opti V is the most realistic electric fireplace to date with a High Def LED screen. Dimplex makes some of the best electric fireplaces and it seems fitting as founder Dimplex is the original inventor of the modern electric fireplace.

Dimplex Opti-Virtual

The Dimplex Opti-Virtual Duet. Available from Portable Click to view enlarged HD image.

  • 9/8/2014 Great news! The Opti-V VF2927L 29″ is now available from Portable!
  • The Opti-Virtual VF5452L is also available in a double version that is 54.25″ wide.

Why Choose Dimplex Electric Fireplaces.

The Dimplex Opti V VF5452L is the most realistic electric fireplace to hit the market. It was recently featured as one of The 5 Most Realistic Electric Fireplaces in 2014. The Opti V is the single length version of the Opti Virtual series that is also available in an extended form as the Opti-V VF5452L.

Dimplex Opti-V VF5452L

The Dimplex Opti-V VF5452L uses a high resolution HD LED screen to make it one of the most realistic fires you’ve never seen. 

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The World’s 5 Most Famous Fireplaces

Fireplaces have been used by people in cold places from time immemorial. However, when we now think of fireplaces, a few come to mind at once because of their fame and importance. Some of these have been featured in movies while others are part of cultural history.

1. Smoking Room aboard the Titanic

The smoking room in the Titanic featured a beautiful fireplace that has been immortalized in the movie about the ship. The room was used by men traveling in second class. The fireplace in the ship was made of Italian marble and inlaid with mother of pearl. It was the sole fully functional coal burning hearth on the ship. The warmth produced by it is believed to have provided comfort to the men who choose to continue playing cards in the room even as the ship sank.

Smoking Room Titanic

An enhanced image of the Smoking Room aboard the Titanic.

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A New Curve on Electric Fireplaces

Tired of the flat and straight design of conventional electric fireplace inserts? Well we have a new product that is sure to solve your electric fireplace needs. The patented curved design of our convex electric fireboxes allow for a curved front with full view. The patented design is an exclusive style that revolutionizes the “look and feel” of electric fireboxes. The simulated brick refractory that lines the inside of the firebox creates a natural fireplace appeal that adds to the realism of the electric fireplace. Accent lighting adds to the ambiance and aesthetic appeal of the electric firebox as well. The realistic wood burning flame effect operates with or without heat meaning one can still enjoy the ambiance on a warm summer evening and stay cool!

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