Practical Heating Solutions for RV’s: Electric Heaters for RV’s

Learn how you use Electric Heaters for RV’s to create your home away from home. Many couples enjoy living a life on the run; the Road-trip lifestyle. Nothing but open and free pavement, enjoying the Earth and seeing what the world has to offer. While exploring the farthest corners, you can stay warm with an electric heating element that is perfect for your on the go lifestyle.

Electric Heaters RVS

The 25″ Duraflame Stove Electric Fireplace.

Portable Fireplaces that You Can Take on Your Trip

Heating an RV is unique because you are working within limited circumstances. Being that you’re living in close quarters, you have to be especially concerned with potential fire hazard that RV heating and cooling units can create. Not to worry, an electric fireplace is the perfect heating system for your RV and I’m going to show you why.

20″ Cube – 3 Sided Electric Fireplace

Benefits of Electric Heaters for Recreational Vehicles

120V plug in electric fireplace heaters are perfect for any RV, big or small. They plug into any standard electrical outlet, require no maintenance, and emit 4,000-10,000 BTU’s of heat! You can also opt for hardwire units for a permanent installation.

  • Simply plug in to an electrical outlet and enjoy.
  • No venting required. Emit Zero pollution inside your RV.
  • No ashes to clean up. No dangerous propane tanks to haul around and refill.
  • Instant heat at the touch of a button.
  • Can be fitted inside of existing cabinetry.
  • Separate visual flame and heater function allow you to enjoy the ambiance of a realistic fire without having the heat on.
  • 100% efficiency means you don’t waste any energy while on your trip. Eco-Friendly!
  • No clearance required from combustible materials like wood or laminate. Allows flexibility of placement.
RV Electric Fireplace

The 33.62” ClassicFlame Serendipity Matte Black Wall Hanging Electric Fireplace for RV’s.

*Please remember not to use extension cords on your electric heater. Learn why here.

Types of Electric Fireplaces for RV’s and Campers

There are many styles of electric fireplaces to choose from including free-standing, corner, wall-mounted, stoves, and fireplace inserts. The most popular electric heater for a recreational vehicle is a an electric insert. These units can be installed within cabinets or other open spaces in your RV/camper.

With these guidelines, you can decide which electric fireplace is right for you. Below is a list of resources that will help you choose the most realistic electric fireplace that you can use in your RV.

Electric Heaters for Campers and RV's

The 52.6″ Dimplex Winston White Free Standing Electric Fireplace.

Portable is the web’s premier source for small electric fireplaces that are perfect for recreational use. You can visit our website homepage or give us a call to find answers to all your RV Heating questions.

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