The White House Hotel | Client Spotlight would like to share with you pictures from a recent commercial project we completed. The White House Hotel is a grand venue with breathtaking oceanic views and prime location along Hwy 90 in Biloxi, MS. Originally opened in 1895, this location was left vacant during the 1980’s. Recently reopened in 2014, it’s set to become one of the main attractions along the Gulf of Mexico.

White House Biloxi poolside fire pits

We had the opportunity to supply the venue with 25 commercial grade natural gas fire pits for use on their rooftop terrace to keep patrons warm while gazing out into the ocean depths. Our fire pits are nested around sectional seating areas where patrons enjoy this amazing view. We’re proud to say that this order was delivered as promised in 2 weeks!  The outdoor fire pits seen in these photo’s are the 50.5″ Baltic Rectangle Glacier Fire Table.

Commercial Outdoor Gas Fire Pit at Biloxi

Biloxi at night

Ocean views atop the Biloxi rooftop terrace

Patrons enjoying our commercial outdoor fire pits

White House Biloxi Hotel Commercial Project

Outdoor Fire Pits in Commercial Hotel Venue

About The White House Hotel

The White House Hotel has an interesting history that is worth checking out. Here’s a snippet about their rich history from their website:

The White House Hotel, located on the beach along Hwy 90 in Biloxi, MS, is a historical hotel dating back to the 1890?s. Originally the home to Walter White, a Gulf Coast lawyer and later a Circuit Court Judge, and his wife Cora. While establishing his new law practice, Cora began accepting boarders into their home. As time went on, her side project became more and more popular to the point she and her husband acquired the home next door; eventually growing into a row of seven Victorian homes.

Their next move was to join two of the buildings creating a lobby, dining room and ballroom; all with balconies adorned with huge columns overlooking the scenic beach. With the continued success of Cora White’s efforts, she and her two sons, Walter and John, teamed with architect George B. Rogers, designer of the Bellingrath Garden’s house in Alabama, to build two additions that are now the center and east wings.

Working with the White House Hotel was truly a pleasure and we hope you enjoy the scenic photo’s they’ve been kind enough to share with us. Who knows, perhaps this could spur your interest to to take a trip down to Biloxi or even have your wedding there.

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