8 Perfect Ways to Make Your Fireplace the Focal Point

Turn your fireplace into the focal point of any room with just a few modifications. The National Association of Home Builders reports that 60% of new homes have at least one fireplace compared to 36% of homes built prior to 1970 and this is not a simple oversight by real estate developers.

Rustic Autumn Pine Fireplace Mantel

The rustic Autumn Pine Fireplace Mantel.

A fireplace can boost the value of your home by an average of $12,000 but having the right design will help maximize these incentives. Adding an extra $12k to your networth in a few hours of work. Do we have your attention now?

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Time for a New Mantel

Lexington Mantel Shelf

The Lexington Mantel Shelf. $299.00 with Free Shipping!

Adding a mantel is one of the basic steps to updating your fireplace. The mantel gives it a frame that sets the firebox apart from the rest of the surrounding wall. Naturally, this leads your gaze to rest upon the fireplace when entering and browsing at a glance. This is the key, you want to make your fireplace natural yet attractive and distinctive.

The mantel can serve as a platform for family photo’s, memorabilia, the classic mantel clock, and of course Christmas Stockings. You can find one online or even learn how to build your own DIY Mantel!

“Victorian style fireplace mantel with a fossil stone top. Gorgeous intricate detailed columns with an antique ivory finish. This fireplace mantel will be sure to beautify your hearth and be a great focal point for your living room.”

– Jean’a Perri

Add a Splash of Color

Throwing in an unusual color can add some contrast to your homes layout. Something that will make it pop and grab your attention without being too overwhelming or strong. Blending these colors adds excitement and can really help to change the mood of the room while you’re at it.

Update the Façade

Adirondack Lodge Feel by adding a smooth river rock façade. Wetback machine made rocks, a quick layer of thin set and you have a completely renovated room. This will anchor the room and give it a much more pronounced look and feel. Stone and rock surrounds are prime features used in rustic home decor.

Artwork that Intrigues the Soul

Abstract artwork of a face

Artwork by Shannon Kringen. (CC)


Who said you have to touch the fireplace to update the hearth? Centering artwork or a large canvas directly above your fireplace will serve as the main attraction in your family room. This adds interest, variety, and air of sophistication that is all too classy.

Recessed Wall Mounted Fireplaces

Wall mounted fireplaces can be installed at eye-level so that they are naturally visible for everyone to see no matter where you are seated. Wall mounted electric fireplaces are seen to be modern, chic, and trendy as the motion to move towards green home solutions is all the buzz right now. Installing a wall mounted fireplace requires more time than a traditional recessed firebox but doing so can really help take things to the next level.

Lay the Groundwork

Turning your fireplace into the focal point of the room is just as much about decorating the surrounding area as anything else. Laying a rich and creative tile or marble directly in front of the hearth adds prominence and allure to your fireplace, begging you to enjoy a warm cup of hot cocoa right next to the hearth. The beauty of tile and marble is that the reflections of the flame will bounce off the tile to create a picture perfect focal point.

Linear Fireplaces

Opti-V Linear Fireplace by Dimplex

The breathtaking Opti-V Duet by Dimplex. Selected as one of the Most Realistic Electric Fireplaces of 2014.

Linear fireplaces expand the width of the firebox to take on a distinguished and appealing aesthetic. They are low-profile, in line with key stones in modern and contemporary design. Linear fireplaces make your fireplace feel like it’s a part of the room and add a unique and distinguishing element to the home. A true selling point.

Decorate with a Fire screen

Fire screens serve a functional purpose but they can also be used as a decorative feature to set around the hearth. Finding a unique fire screen can be just the thing to set yours apart from the rest. Below is an example of what you can find by shopping at select stores.

Fireplace Screen with Leaf Design

Fireplace Screen with Leaf Design. $144.95.


So there you have it; there are many different ways that you can decorate your fireplace to make it the focal point of the room. As usual, don’t forget to check around on sites like Houzz.com to look for jaw-dropping examples that will get your creative juices flowing!

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