5 Simple Fire Pit Safety Tips to Keep Your Family Safe

When you think of fire pits, you instantly think of being huddled around a fire under the night sky with s’mores and good friends. The truth is, safety is often our last concern. This shouldn’t be the case and we all know it.

Gathering around fire pit

Before the Summer season kicks off, make sure you follow these fire pit safety tips to make sure that your family is protected and out of harms way. Remember, it only takes one floating ember to spark a wild-fire!

Fire Pit Safety Tips

1. Adhere to Fire Code

Fire and building codes vary between municipalities. No matter what type of outdoor fire pit you plan on building, it’s always a good idea to check to make sure that you are meeting code.

2. Fire Screen

If your fire pit is flush with the ground, purchase a safety screen to cover your fire pit. This is a necessity if you have small children or pets outside. You don’t want somebody to accidentally step into an open flame! The mesh screen will also prevent ashes and debris from flying away and potentially leading to accidental fires in your neighborhood.

3. Keep a Safe Distance

Make sure that the area around your fire pit is free of flammable materials. This includes chemicals, tress, branches, or other greenery that could ignite. Maintain a clearance of 6 feet from the edge of the fire.

4. Plan for the Weather

Some areas experience unpredictable wind gusts. For these situations, you might want to consider a portable fire pit instead of a permanent one. This way, you can move the fire pit around to areas that won’t put it in the path of strong wind gusts.

33.6" Lafayette Fire Pit

33.6″ Lafayette Fire Pit

5. Use Fire Glass

Place fire glass in the bottom of your fire pit to prevent ashes and flying debris. Fire glass is an eco-friendly product that looks amazing at night! Check it out here. Have Fun but Think First!

A Final Word

Being responsible about outdoor fires doesn’t mean you have to put a damper on the party. Adhering to safety precautions should make you feel more at ease knowing that you have everything under control.

If you plan on heating your patio, you should look for models with a quick tilt/shuf-off valve. If you have any other outdoor fire safety questions, send us a tweet @Prtablefireplace! #GrillResponsibly

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