Dimplex XLF Series Multi-Fire XD™ Electric Linear Wall Fireplace

The folks at Dimplex have done it again, releasing another Award-Winning new line of modern electric fireplaces. The new line, the XLF Series, is an adaptation of the Multi-Fire XD Firebox released in late 2014. With the popularity of linear wall fireplaces continuing to grow in the modern market, Dimplex continues delivering fashionable designs that combine aesthetic beauty with energy efficient utility. This is especially so with the new Comfort$aver Technology (Patent Pending) included in the new XLF Multi-Fire XD Wall Series.

Dimplex XLF Series Multi-Fire XD Wall Fireplace
Said Scott Ringler, Vice President of Marketing and Product Development for Dimplex, “The linear market is becoming increasingly design-led and this new slim-lined unit is partly a response to that.” In short, linear electric fireplaces allow you to do things that gas and traditional wood burning fireplaces never allowed. This has fueled the craze for electric linear models like the recently released BLF Prism Series and the top selling Synergy, Wickson, and Galveston models.

Comfort$aver Patented Technology

As you know, electric fireplaces reduce heating bills by 20-40%. The XLF Series takes things a step further with Comfort$aver Technology using a ceramic heating system that automatically adjusts fan speed and heater wattage to precisely match the requirements of your space. Yes, SmartFireplaces are here!
Features List:

  • Glass stays cools to the touch
  • Non-Repetitive and realistic flame
  • Ultra-thin design (5 ½ inches total depth)
  • Heats up to 1,000 square feet!
  • Comfort$aver Technology
  • Multi-Function Remote
  • Clean Minimalist Design

Dimensions and Specifications

The XLF Multi-Fire XD Fire is available in 3 sizes; the XLF50 Model (50” model), the XLF74 (74” model), and the XLF100 (100” model). This allows for versatility for designers who are seeking to meet requirements for a particular project.

Each model is capable of 3 mounting options; partially recessed, flush to the wall, and a recessed mount with 3”x6” frame to give your fireplace a fully-customized look. You’ll be amazed to find that the XLF Multi-Fire XD is the thinnest fireplace Dimplex has ever released with a total depth of only 5 ½ inches!

The XLF Multi-Fire XD Wall Fireplace Series has a heating capacity of up to 1,000 sq. ft. This is equivalent to the recent advances with new infrared fireplaces that boast increased heating capabilities. Unlike a gas fireplace, the front glass of the XLF Multi-Fire Series stays cool to the touch, meaning it is safe for all family members, kids and dogs alike!

Award-Winning Technology

Multi-Fire XD Electric Linear Wall Fireplace

The XLF Series Multi-Fire XD Linear Wall Fire was presented the Vesta Award by Hearth & Home Magazine. The Vesta Award recognizes and honors companies for their innovation in product design and/or technology. The XLF Multi-Fire Series was recognized for exceptional sophistication and eco-friendly design.

Posed as the true alternative to gas, the Multi-Fire XD features a flame effect that reproduces a natural frame with a breadth of ambient light themes ranging in color and intensity. Dimplex has a patent pending on the flame effect, which features a non-repetitive and realistic electric flame.

Where to Buy the XLF Multi-Fire XD

The Dimplex XLF Multi-Fire XD will be available for purchase first at PortableFireplace.com, an Authorized Online Retailer of Dimplex products. All orders receive 100% Free Shipping (no gimmicks!) and orders placed outside of California enjoy Zero Sales Tax! Read the section below for updates on availability as this model has not been officially released to the public yet.

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Shipping & Availability

The XLF Multi-Fire XD will available first at PortabeFireplace.com! PortableFireplace.com is an Authorized Online Retailer of Dimplex Products. Please contact one of our sales representatives to learn how you can become one of the first to own one of these magnificent fireplaces. Call 1-888-682-2591 or complete our contact form. This page will be updated as soon as the XLF is available so check back here!

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