The All New Dimplex Multi-Fire XD Firebox (Live Video)

The Multi-Fire XD Firebox is an all new electric fireplace from Dimplex that recognizes simple hand gestures and produces 7 unique flame displays. With gWave, you can turn Multi-Fire XD on and off with a simple wave of a hand.

Dimplex 26 Inch Multi-Fire XD Firebox

The 26″ Dimplex Multi-Fire XD™ Electric Fireplace Insert shown with Acrlyic Ice Media Bed. Only $799.00 from Portable

I know you’re wondering what’s so special about the Multi Fire. I was too! After doing some research, I’ve found that it’s an extremely functional fireplace that is incredibly easy to operate.

Multi-Flame Technology

What makes the Multi-Fire XD so unique is the fact that you can choose from an array of flames styles and colors. Select natural wood burning flames, gas, and even ambient settings that set the mood inside your home.

7 Flame Themes

  1. Natural Wood Fire Flame
  2. Gas Style Flame with a hallmarked blue flame that mimics the appearance of a real gas flame.
  3. Red Flame
  4. Blue Flame
  5. Prism cycles through themes 1-4
  6. Kaleidoscope cycles through multiple colors at the same time
  7. Personalized theme setting for your own custom fire.
Dimplex Multi-Fire XD Firebox with Curved Glass Front

The 26″ Dimplex Multi-Fire XD Firebox with Curved Glass Front. $799.00.

gWave – allows you to control your Multi-Fire XD with the wave of a hand. Simply wave your hand in front of the firebox and watch the active functions change.

  • Up/Down = On/Off (Visual Flame)
  • Holding your hand in Front of the firebox will turn the heat on and off.
  • You can disable the G Wave function by pressing the disable button just below the sensor.

Patented 3D EffectDimplex has a patent on its 3D Flame Effect, something that has kept Dimplex at the forefront of the electric fireplace industry. If you look down into the firebox, you will see that the flames are actually rising from between the fire logs. Each of these fire logs pulsate with hypnotic realism.

Comfort$aver Heating System – Energy efficient heating system that is capable of heating up to 1,000 square feet! That’s much higher than electric fireplaces of the past that heated 400 square foot rooms. Dimplex has even made the news recently for offering a solution to Japans on-going Electricity Crisis.

Heat Boost Button – Allows you to turn your heater on full blast for 5-20 minutes in 5 minute increments. This is ideal when you’re just getting home and need instant heat to warm your home.

Precision Accuracy – The Multi-Fire XD Firebox is even more accurate when it comes to climate control temperature. This makes the Multi-Fire XD 11% more energy efficient than all other conventional electric fireplaces.

Sleep Function Timer – Allows you to set it and forget it! Crank up your Multi-Fire XD just before bed and don’t worry about waking up in the middle of the night to turn it off. Sleeping with an electric fireplace on all night is not recommended.

Eco-Mode – allows you to heat your home in an economical way, optimizing energy efficiency and saving you money on your energy bill.

Safety and Convenience

The Multi Fire XD is the first Virtually Silent Electric Fireplace. It also comes with a ceramic glass front that stays cool to the touch, making your electric fireplace safe for the kids to play around. No more setting up the fire gate and having to worry about them getting too close. The Multi-Fire XD is technologically advanced, energy-efficient, and safe for all members of the family to enjoy.

33 Inch Dimplex Multi-Fire XD™ Realogs™ Electric Firebox

The 33″ Dimplex Multi-Fire XD™ Realogs™ Electric Firebox. $1,249.00.

Sizing Availability & Where to Buy

Multi-Fire XD Fireboxes can be purchased directly from Portable The all new model is available with a soothing Acrylic Ice Bed (HG) or you can order the HL model that comes with a Realog Set. Click on the links below to view each of the displays in 26” and 33” dimensions.

Have questions? Give the Electric Fireplace Experts a call at 1-888-682-2591 or leave us a message by completing this Contact Form.

Dimplex Realogs™ Multi-Fire XD™ Electric Fireplace Insert

The 26″ Dimplex Realogs™ Multi-Fire XD™ Electric Fireplace Insert. $799.00.

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