Electric Fireplace Stoves Bring Old World Ambiance and Warmth

Electric fireplaces are technologically advanced and have been improved over the last decade by large brand names such as Dimplex and Classic Flame. Electric Fireplaces feature pulsating embers, glowing logs, and 3-D fire effects, they have become so realistic that often times guests and friends are easily fooled by their appearance and believe that they are indeed real fireplaces. Electric Fireplace Stoves incorporate the same advanced heating technology and instead fuse old world beauty and ambiance.

Dimplex Black Electric Fireplace Stove

The picture above is a Dimplex Electric Fireplace Stove that features advanced Dimplex Purifire air filtration technology which filters the allergens and dust in the air in any room while providing up to 5,115 BTU’s of instant warmth. Electric fireplace stoves provide instant warmth, realistic ambiance, and the fan forced heat quickly warms any room up to 400 square feet in size. Electric fireplace stoves feature an old traditional stove design which brings old world elegance and beauty into any home or business. The small frame and size of electric fireplace stoves make them ideal for apartments, condos, small offices, cottages, and homes that want to maximize space while adding beauty and warmth. Electric fireplace stoves can also be used to implement zone heating, keep the household heater off if you only want to provide warmth to a single room!

Electric fireplace stoves are free standing and require no special accommodations; they are “plug and play” meaning you can plug them directly into any existing household electrical outlet. Many electric fireplace stoves also include a remote control which allows for ease of operation and convenient warmth at the touch of a button. They are also available in many finishes such as the white finish Dimplex electric fireplace stove below, which means you can select an electric fireplace stove that will best flow and match with your existing interior décor.