Selecting the Perfect Electric Fireplace for Your Home

Electric Fireplaces are available in a wide range of styles and finishes. What makes them truly unique and convenient is their contemporary fuel source; they can operate with just electricity and feature an operating cost of about ten cents per hour at optimal heat settings!

Small Electric Fireplace - White

40.94″ Chateau White Electric Fireplace – $598.00.

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They are eco friendly in that they do not consume natural raw fuel and convenient and portable in that they can be simply unplugged and relocated from room to room with ease. Did we mention that they turn on and off with the click of a button from a convenient remote control? The electric fireplace below is a Dimplex Brand entertainment center fireplace that features shelf space for storage of your electronics and a Modern Minimalist inspirations.

Dimplex Novara Black Electric Fireplace

The 64″ Dimplex Novara Black Glass Entertainment Center Fireplace gives you the best seat in the house! Click for more details.

Aside from entertainment center fireplaces like the style above, electric fireplaces are also available as a corner electric fireplace. What is a corner electric fireplace? They operate in the same manner as any electric fireplace however they are designed to sit flush in any corner of your home, most corners are not utilized effectively in many homes and corner electric fireplaces can effectively fill that space to beautify and provide supplemental warmth to your home.

SEI Wexford Petite Wall Electric Fireplace

SEI Wexford Petite Wall Electric Fireplace

The corner electric fireplace pictured above is our Best Seller and is a convertible unit, it features a collapsible panel that folds down to allow for it to sit flush against any wall or folded up to sit flush in any corner. Not quite a transformer but it will transform your dull corner into a beautiful warm focal point!

Electric fireplaces in the form of wall fireplaces are ideal for small condos and or apartments; they mount directly to any wall in the same manner as a flat screen television and operate in the same manner as any of the electric fireplaces as mention above.

They feature 3D flames that are extremely realistic and can be viewed from any angle, all electric fireplaces can operate with our without heat meaning you can enjoy your electric fireplace year round, four seasons of enjoyment now that’s worth buying!

50.3 Inch Dimplex Synergy Electric Wall Fireplace

The 50.3″ Dimplex Synergy Electric Wall Fireplace. Modern, sleek, and stylish.

The Dimplex Wall Electric Fireplace pictured above is a Hot Seller with a modern contemporary glass ember bed, the sleek design is sure to be a winner and great addition to any home or business.

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