Low Maintenance Electric Fireplace

When you light a fire in a wood burning fireplace, there is so much to pay attention to. No matter how tidy you are when setting up the fire, a wood burning fireplace will always be an absolute mess afterwards. Cleaning the ashes out of a fireplace is a necessary task, but it’s one everyone would rather skip. Ever had your favorite sweater ruined by soot? That black residue leftover from burning wood is difficult to clean from clothes. If you have an you have an electric fireplace, there is no mess! Even better, there is virtually no maintenance required with an electric fireplace. No more repairs, cleaning up greasy soot, ashes to sweep, or dangerous fires to attend. Electric fireplaces are the low maintenance way to heat your home.

73″ Norwell White Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces need occasional dusting, just like any other piece of furniture and the batteries of the remote will need to be changed every year. The ease of electric fireplaces allow you to be more relaxed in other areas of your life since you do not have to worry about cleaning and maintaining a fireplace. You can even move the fireplace into another room, if you want to. No more scooping out grimy ashes when you’d rather be relaxing on the sofa. Low maintenance electric fireplaces are the way to go! Not convinced? Let’s explore some of the other benefits of electric fireplaces and you’ll be ready to say goodbye to wood fires for good!

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Fireplace Safety: How Much Space Do You Need Around The Fireplace

Safety is  top priority when outfitting your home or business with an electric fireplace, or fireplace insert. In fact, safety is a big reason that so many families make the switch from a traditional wood burning fireplace to an electric fireplace or  a fireplace insert. Modern electric fireplaces are so much safer, cleaner, and more ecofriendly than their sooty counterparts, that the switch is an easy choice. However, the question about how much space do you need around a fireplace remains. At PortableFireplaces.com, we want our customers to feel informed about their purchases. We put together this guide to help you figure out how much space you’ll need around electric fireplaces, and more!

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2021 Water Vapor Fireplace Buying Guide

A beautiful fireplace adds a glow, a warm ambiance to any room, home, or business. Some people view the ash, smoke, and carbon emissions of live fireplaces as a drawback and opt for other options instead.

These alternative options include electric fireplaces or bio-ethanol fireplaces, which are eco-friendly and alluring. At PortableFireplace.com, we pride ourselves in being the experts in electric and bio-ethanol fireplaces for your home and businesses. Today, we’re going to cover the trendy water vapor fireplace, which is powered by electricity and steam.

Water vapor fireplace
Double-sided water vapor fireplace
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The 5 Most Realistic Electric Fireplaces in 2023

In 2023, we want all the modern features available with all the same comforts of a robust, crackling fire. Everything from LED lighting, hologram images, and videos of actual wood-burning fires are used in today’s most realistic electric fireplaces. These realistic features create an effortless ambience. Create a cozy cabin feel with the sound of crackling wood, drifting smoke, and glowing embers, without the danger of live fire. At PortableFireplaces.com, we seek the very best in technology for realistic electric fireplaces for your home and business.


The Most Realistic Electric Fireplace

With all the amazing tech available, narrowing down the choices to find a fireplace that fits your lifestyle and needs, can be a massive chore. Instead of wading through hundreds of electric fireplaces on the internet , we’ve curated this list of the very best, so you can spend more time on what matters to you.

Before buying an electric fireplace, there are factors to consider, like your budget, your heating needs, and if you’ll be willing to replace the fireplace in a year or two. Of course you don’t want to replace it so soon! That’s why each fireplace in our collection has been vetted for durability, quality, and heating technology. The same can’t always be said for our competitors.

These five special models demonstrate just a handful of the possibilities for realistic electric fireplaces. The criteria for this list includes flame simulation and sound. Scope out your favorite features from our list.

1.) 32” Hollis Real Flame Black Electric Fireplace Stove

Get that log cabin look with this electric fireplace stove. Compact, yet impactful, this stove heats up the room quickly with adjustable thermostat settings. During warm months, enjoy the flickering flames on their own. Six color settings allow you to create mood lighting. The Hollis Real Flame stove has 4780 BTU’s.

2.) Dimplex Opt-Myst Pro 500 Built-in Electric Fireplace Insert

This tiny, but mighty fireplace insert creates realistic flame and smoke effect with water.

Crackling embers and smoke effect are controlled by remote. The three dimensional flames are so lifelike, so you will think they’re 100% real. To use, this insert can be placed inside any existing fireplace. Fill the reservoir with water for up to 12 hours of crackling, sparking flames without worry. Note that this insert does not provide heat, making it ideal for warmer climates and for use around pets and children.20" Dimplex Opti-Myst Pro 500 Built-In Electric Fireplace Insert

3.) Tru View Deep 3 Sided Electric Fireplace

Transform your living room or covered porch with this stunning electric fireplace. The multicolored flames can be viewed from three sides, making it an art piece as well as a functioning fireplace. Control the flames with a touch of a button. Go with traditional colors of flames to keep it real or play up the fantasy with bright blues and violets. Fireglass can be added to this fireplace for more sparkle. Choose a media set that suits your unique aesthetic for a hyper realistic fire. This fireplace can heat up to 500 square feet, but the delicious flames can be enjoyed with or without heat.

4.) Dimplex Revillusion Built-in Firebox with Logs

The Opti-V Duet from Dimplex is another incredibly realistic electric fireplace. Three-dimensional logs glow with LED technology, but the best part is that they periodically sparkle and crack! With the Opti-V Duet, you can enjoy not only the look

This detailed insert is perfect for an old brick fireplace, especially in a rental home. Dimplex gets all the tiny details right, from scorch marks to the large, random flames from the sculpted logs. Underneath, the embers glow charmingly. Rather than a mirror, this firebox is backed with frosted acrylic which looks softer and more realistic. Adjust the lighting and flame color to suit your mood. With a BTU rating of B118, this firebox will keep your home nice and toasty. This fireplace insert has all the details and features you’d want, without the worry of a real wood burning fireplace.

of a real fireplace but the sound of one, too, with the crackling sounds it gives off. The company’s patented LED flame technology is also used to create hyperreal electric flames. This is not only one of the most realistic electric fireplaces in 2018; it is one of the most realistic electric fireplaces of all time.

5.) Dimplex Opti-V Solo 3-D Fireplace Insert

Get the most out of your fireplace with this insert. This technologically advanced fireplace insert features ultrarealistic flames and 3-D LED logs for the perfect flame combination. The LED log spontaneously spark, with glowing embers and crackling sound via remote control create a full sensory experience. Keep your loved ones safe with the cool-touch glass and the direct-wire installation. The Opti-V Solo is a heat-free virtual fireplace.

Which One Is The Best?

So, that’s all good and great but which one is the most realistic?

  • If you are only looking for the most realistic then theOpti-Myst is hands-down the most realistic electric fireplace on the market. The flame effect and water vapor, plus glowing logs create one amazing display.
  • The Hollis has everything you need for a home fireplace, including space for storing actual firewood. With the flickering fire, you might forget the Hollis is plugged into the wall.
  • TheOpti-Vis the most realistic display unit. While the Opti-V does not produce heat, the realistic flames, crackling sound, and glowing logs truly set a cozy ambience. This model is ideal for commercial venues.
  • As far as inserts go, the Revillusion offers the most in terms of realism and features. Give your home an accessibility makeover without demolition with an electric fireplace insert from Dimplex. Always measure your existing traditional fireplace first!

Honarable Mentions: Rounding out the Top 10

Let 2023 be a year of great things with our Top 10 Most Realistic Electric Fireplaces.

6.) Valmont Entertainment Center Electric Fireplace in Chestnut Oak

Take your family room or library to the next level with this elegant 75.5” LED electric fireplace. Heats up to 1,000 sq. feet!

7.) Tequesta Stone Electric Fireplace in Old Wood Brown

This 40” stone fireplace and mantle is perfect for use in apartments and smaller homes without traditional fireplaces. The incredible Spectrafire effect is customizable, with adjustable heat settings.

8.) Emerson Real Flame Electric Fireplace In White

Cozy up to this 55” modern mantle and fireplace, designed to fit in with your timeless décor. The flames, which can be used with or without heat, have five brightness levels.

9.) Media Mantel Freestanding Electric Fireplace With Louvered Door in Tan

Make the most out of small living spaces with this entertainment center-fireplace combo. Tiny, yet stylish, this 42” fireplace packs a punch, with flickering 3D flame effect, and up to 400 square feet of supplemental heat output.

10.) Chateau Electric Fireplace in Dark Walnut

Classic and clean, this powerful 40.94” fireplace features LED glowing embers, adjustable heat, and multicolored flames. The Chateau heats up to 1,000 sq. feet, making it ideal for homes and businesses alike!

Shop now for Electric Fireplaces

At PortableFireplace.com, we’re the experts in all things electric fireplace. We offer stylish electric fireplaces and fireplace inserts at amazing prices. We carry the top brands including DimplexAmbella HomeClassic Flame, and Real Flame Fireplaces. Explore our full catalogue for even more incredible fireplace options at the Lowest Prices Guaranteed. We offer Free Shipping anywhere in the lower 48 states. We even have fireplaces for your outdoor living area. Electric fireplaces are eco-friendly and easy to use, and more affordable than ever. Get in touch with our experts to find out more.

More Fireplace Buying Tips and Tricks

Fireplace Inserts: What You Need to Know

What is a Fireplace Insert?

What is a Fireplace Insert
Installation of the Dimplex Revillusion is as simple as plugging it in

A fireplace insert is a unit that’s installed into a pre-existing wood or stone fireplace, and serves as the primary heating element. An insert typically includes the interior walls of the fireplace, a grate, and life-like logs that are made of materials such as resin.

The first fireplace inserts were invented in 1896 by Joab R. Donaldson. These early inserts used smokeless coke fuel—a derivative of distilling coal—and used an electric blower to make the insert more efficient.

Early fireplace inserts were adopted and used primarily by low-income coal mining families because the coal could be procured from their own backyards. There are many varieties of inserts and can be categorized by fuel type.

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History of the Electric Fireplace

The history of electric fireplaces is more interesting, and perhaps a bit longer than some might think at first. From its belittling introduction to the majestic marble mantle-clad wonders of today, knowing this history will make you unable to look at your electric fireplace the same way again.

Humble Origins Among the Stars

Traversing the ages, fire has been a common theme in man’s journey and advancement, especially in technological improvements. While the electric fireplace sits relatively late in the table of harnessing fire, it can claim to be an important innovation, rightly deserving to be made a part of the modern home. But for the first electric fires in 1912, the play was their restriction.

First Electric Fireplaces in Theater Productions

Electric fires were first used in theatre productions like this one – By Central Litho. & Eng. Co. (signed) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons; available from the United States Library of Congress’s Prints and Photographs division under the digital ID var.1527.; image is a reproduction, also in the public domain.

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Do electric fireplaces really work?

Staying warm can be done efficiently, affordably, and aesthetically through the use of an electric fireplace. It’s commonly and incorrectly assumed that electric fireplaces can’t produce any heat; however, many models can produce anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 British Thermal Units (BTU’s) of heat. This may not be enough to warm your entire home, but it is certainly enough heat to warm up a small apartment or an entire home living room.

Dimplex Prism Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

The best-selling electric linear fireplace just got better with the all new Prism Series. View the all new Dimplex Prism Wall Mount Electric Fireplace with 4,198 BTUs.

What is an Electric Fireplace?

An electric fireplace is a heater that uses electricity to work, rather than a traditional fireplace that burns coal, wood, or natural gas. The electric fireplace is present in many modern homes, as it is better for the environment while also just as effective and aesthetic as the traditional counterpart.
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The Optiflame® Fire by Dimplex

Patented electric flame technology is at our fingertips in the Dimplex Optiflame® fire effect. This world-renowned electric flame can be seen in many Dimplex products, including the latest electric inserts and wall fireplaces.

Electric fireplaces were brought to life by Dimplex, when the Optiflame® was incorporated into the very first fireplaces on the market. Since then, the company has been consistently made the effect even more realistic year after year.

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How Electric Fireplaces Work

Whether you’re the current or soon-to-be owner of an electric fireplace, you’ve probably asked yourself, “how do electric fireplaces work.” It doesn’t take a physicist or electrical engineer to know this marvel, so let the experts at PortableFireplace.com teach you how electric fireplaces and electric inserts work.

Classic Flame Cannes Espresso Electric Fireplace TV Stand 23MM378-E451

Classic Flame Cannes Espresso Electric Fireplace TV Stand – $663.99 with Free Shipping

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Electric Fireplace Warranties

Electric Fireplace Warranties

Graphics created using Piktochart

Being knowledgeable about your electric fireplace’s warranty will make it easier for you to resolve any technical issues quickly. By being able to solve any problems that you may have, you’ll be able to be fully satisfied with any product that you own. Here’s the Portable Fireplace guide to the warranty information you need on your electric fireplace.
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