Oak Electric Fireplaces

Why Electric Fireplaces?

Traditional fireplaces have served as the focal point of any room for centuries now. A source of warmth and light, they’ve become comfort zones in their own right. Nowadays, they are the focal point of countless problems. The space, the maintenance and the pollutants are all contributing factors to the rising trend of electric fireplaces. Electric fireplaces provide the architectural ambience and warmth of conventional fireplaces but with less cost, less maintenance and a smaller carbon footprint.

Why Oak Electric Fireplaces?

Oak has been a popular choice for both conventional and electric fireplaces for many reasons. The rich color and grain markings bring a traditional feel to even the most modern electric fireplaces while its strength and durability ensure a lasting investment. Even the smallest apartment and condos can now enjoy the luxury of an oak fireplace with all the convenience electric offers.

3 Key Things to Consider Before Purchasing Your Oak Electric Fireplace

1. Space

It is important for you to evaluate the space you have available for your new fireplace prior to shopping. Not only should you be measuring floor space, but wall space as well. Many electric fireplaces come with aesthetic accents like carved pillars or oversized mantles. Some will even feature storage options like built-in shelves or TV stands.

Corinth Oak Electric Fireplace

This 42” Corinth Premium Oak Electric Fireplace can double as an entertainment center with built-in shelves and a multi-functional wall or corner set up. Click to learn more.

2. Heating Needs

This comes down to both the size of the room and your local climate. Most portable electric heaters have the capacity to heat a 400 square foot room from 50 to 70 degrees. While this would provide ample power to chase off Autumn drafts, it might not be up to the task of keeping a large rec room warm in more extreme temperatures.

Faircrest Oak Electric Fireplace with Stone Look

This 45.5″ Faircrest Stone Look Electric Fireplace is a good blend of both classic and modern. The geometric carved embellishments on the mantle provide a contemporary feel while the interior brick design adds a certain rustic charm. Click to learn more.

3. Style

Electric fireplaces provide an incredibly simple and easy way to lend a cozy atmosphere to any room, but it is important that you find a style that complements your current furnishings rather than competing with them. Luckily, there are a wide variety of styles for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for the clean, minimalist lines of more modern pieces or the sweeping mantles and carved embellishments of the classic hearths, PortableFireplace.com has something for every taste.

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