Is an Outdoor Fireplace Right for You?

An outdoor fireplace adds to the overall beauty and maximum use of your pool area, patio, or backyard. You can go for the modern gel, gas, or electric fireplace models, or opt for the traditional fireplace that burns wood. Both will offer a unique charm and vibrancy to your outdoors.


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Patio Heaters: Enjoy the Outdoors Even on the Coldest of Days

Most people enjoy spending time outdoors in the evening, unwinding with their family or friends. The patio offers people some of the comforts of the indoors as well as the informality of the outdoors. Watching the stars or the fireflies can be very soothing after a day cooped up inside whether at home or in the office. However, the patio cannot be used when it is very cold outside in the evenings, unless you have some way of heating it up and keeping the place warm.
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Patio Heaters Perfect for Outdoor Dining and Lounging!

What is a patio heater and how effectively can it keep my guests and or customers warm? The most common patio heaters are the mushroom heaters, the heat shroud at the top is what gives it the nickname “mushroom,” mushroom heaters are powered by propane and or gas and provides up to 40,000 BTU’s of heat. They provide great supplemental warmth and are most effective in dining areas and or patio decks. Restaurants will normally carry at least five or more patio heaters as they are both aesthetically appealing and effective in providing supplemental warmth in outdoor settings. The stainless steel Firesense patio heater below is commonly found in many commercial settings.

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Outdoor Heaters can Provide Four Seasons of Enjoyment

Don’t let the cold weather prevent you from enjoying the beautiful outdoors. Patio Heaters are available in many styles and models that are sure to be the perfect solution for your outdoor heating needs. Quality outdoor heaters are important for providing the warmth you need to customers, family, or friends. They offer efficient heating and can use gas, propane, or electricity as the power source based on the style of the patio heater. Restaurants often use patio heaters for ambiance and to provide warmth to their outdoor dining section. The large variety of patio heaters allow for multiple heating options that you can select to provide four seasons of warmth and enjoyment. Different styles of outdoor heaters include floor standing heaters, tabletop heaters, ceiling heaters that mount to any ceiling, and outdoor fire pits that are often in the form of a low coffee table with a gas or propane fueled firepit in the middle.

This is an example of a floor standing patio heater, it features stainless steel finish and an impressive heating capacity of 46,000 BTU’s. It also features wheels in the rear that allow for the unit to be tilted and conveniently relocated with ease.

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