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Improve Energy Efficiency at Home

Living Smart with Energy Efficient Electric Fireplace

With the cold winter season soon to come, household gas and electricity bills are sure to be at its annual peak. You can always pack on a couple of extra layers of clothes, wear a knitted hat and scarf to keep out the cold, but who really wants to do that in the comfort of their own home? Your home should be a sanctuary for relaxation and a place to share warm winters with family and friends. Keeping your home cool in the summer and warmer in the winter, accounts for over 55% of the energy that is used annually. By exploring options to keep the temperature in your home right where you want it, you can save a ton of money that can turn a standard Christmas season into a wonderful one!

If you are concerned about high energy costs for the winter, Portable fireplace has the perfect solution. Keep out the cold and enjoy long toasty nights with family and friends without worrying about your energy bills. Electric Fireplaces will not only provide efficient and effective heat, they are also a beautiful piece of furniture that features realistic state of the art synthetic flames that flicker and dance just like real fire.

White Convertible Electric Fireplace

Efficient Methods to Control the Temperature of Your Home

What do you do with the natural sunlight in your home? You can convert natural sunlight into heat that is effective and useful for your home. You can also help maintain a comfortable temperature in your home by taking a few simple extra steps.

1) Even with the lack of sunlight in the winter, whatever sunlight is available can be stored in your home by keeping the blinds, drapes, or curtains in any windows facing the south pole, open during the day and closed during the evening. This way heat travels you're your home from the natural sunlight and has no exit as the closed drapes will help retain the collected heat in the evening. As the night grows colder the heat will release into the atmosphere of the home and in turn will reduce the need for supplemental heat via your home's heater.

2) Control your thermostat, by setting your thermostat at the lowest temperature setting possible you can control your energy costs. Don't leave the thermostat on when no one is home and or have it on auto adjust to keep the house cooler when unoccupied and warmer when occupied, taking this step alone has been proven to decrease your energy bills by 10%.

3) Keep your windows sealed, and make sure there are no leaks that can allow drafts of cold air to travel into your home. Easy steps to ensure that your home is well insulated, is to make sure that your windows are sealed and have weather stripping, you can even caulk small cracks to ensure that no cold air will travel through.

4) Make sure your flooring has sufficient insulation and more importantly your attic and ceiling, because as we all know heat rises and will escape your home unless your roof is well insulated.

5) Once all these steps are taken you can add supplemental heat to your home with our economical electric fireplaces which all feature quartz heating and cost less than 11 cents per hour to operate. Electric fireplaces consume about as much electricity as your household coffee maker, making it one of the most efficient and cost effective ways to provide supplemental heat to your home.

6) If you completely want to avoid using electricity and or energy when providing supplemental heat, our gel fueled fireplaces are the perfect solution. Gel fireplaces burn with eco-friendly FireGlo gel fuel that can last up to 3 hours per can of gel fuel. No cleaning and easy to set up are two of the key factors that make gel fireplaces the perfect answer for people looking to enjoy extra heat with live flames.

Provide Heat Only to the Rooms You Need

The problem with your household heater and thermostat is that it will heat the entire house when you may only want to keep your bedroom warm. Even worse is that if your bedroom is located far away from the center of your home your thermostat will have to be turned up and in consequence your household heater will consume nearly twice as much energy just to provide heat to your distant room. You can solve this problem by providing heat to those rooms via our electric fireplaces, including Amish fireplaces, and or via our most popular brand name electric fireplace such as Classic Flame. Electrical fireplaces only cost around 11 cents an hour to operate whereas gas heaters will cost you up to 24 cents an hour to operate.

Electric Fireplaces are very simple to assemble as most if not all of our selections will come with a pre-assembled fireplace cabinet and a built in elegant fireplace mantel. Simply plug the standard three prong electrical plug into any standard household electrical outlet and provide immediate warmth and enjoyment to any room in your home. Portability and energy efficient are many of the reasons why people choose to own an electric fireplace. Electric fireplaces are available in many sizes and easily fit into any space in your home, apartment, condo, or office. Provide Heat to Your Home in Style and Save Money Our beautiful electric fireplace heaters are available in a wide variety of models and styles. Entertain your loved ones while providing heat with a stylish entertainment center fireplace, they can accommodate most televisions and even offer convenient shelves for storage of any picture frames, ornaments, or digital media.

You can purchase a traditional firebox or a contemporary firebox, the choice is up to you and we do have both styles available. Our electric fireboxes with their mantles provide warmth while adding a touch of class and beauty to your home. The beauty of owning an electric fireplace is that you do not have to worry about maintenance or cleaning. Keep the harmful carbon dioxide, ash, and soot from coming in contact with your friends and family. Traditional fuel for conventional fireplaces as you already know are wooden logs, not only are they expensive but they often times come with unwelcome surprises such as termites and bugs that overtime are sure to enter your home.

PortableFireplace.com not only has the widest selection of high quality name brand electric fireplace heaters, we also guarantee the best customer service and the most knowledge sales representatives in the industry. The high quality construction and craftsmanship that goes into every one of our money saving electric fireplaces is sure to satisfy anyone looking to add beauty and warmth to their home. Electric fireplace heaters will pay for themselves over time as you save more and more money on your energy bills every year.