Adagio Fire Crackler Sound System V.2

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Adagio Fire Crackler Sound System V.2

Adagio Fire Crackler Sound System V.2

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Dimensions 2.5"W x 3.6"H x 1"D
Ships Out in 2-3 Business Days

The Adagio Fireplace Crackler Sound System is a must have companion to any electric fireplace. This sound system will take your electric fireplace to a whole new level and will make your electric fireplace more realistic. Engineered with the consumer in mind, the Adagio Fire Crackler Sound System provides incredibly crisp and realistic fireplace sound effects that will engage any listener. It is portable so it can be easily transferred from room to room, for instant fireplace sound effects. Bring your electric fireplace to life with the Adagio Fire Crackler Sound System, it will create the realistic sound effects of a roaring fire with wood crackling as if you were in front of real fireplace. Constructed of high density poly resin material, and engineered with efficient volume control and on/off settings, this unit is very easy to operate and only requires three AA batteries.

Product Details:
  • On/Off Switch
  • Variable Volume Control
  • Sleek Compact Design
  • Uses 3 double AA batteries (not included)
  • DC power input (Power adapter not included)
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • 4"W x 2.4"H x 1.2"D

  • *Click to Play Adagio Fire Crackler Sound Sample!

Product Q&A

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Do you sell the DC plug for this?
Asked by Connie
We do not sell the plug for this item, you are welcome to purchase the DC plug at your local electronics stores or use batteries.
Answered by Staff
What is the button in the front for?
Asked by Dave
The button is decorative and does not have a function - the toggle on the side will control the volume.
Answered by Staff
Do you know the dc voltage , 110 to 12 volt, 9 volt etc. ?
Asked by Peter
We do not know the exact voltage but it would be 3 double AA batteries to power it.
Answered by Staff
Can this be set to start and run as long as power is applied if using DC power?
Asked by Dave
Yes, you can provide constant power utilizing a DC power adapter to keep it on for as long as you want
Answered by Staff
Can this be used for gas fireplaces too?
Asked by Ruby
Yes, you can use it for gas fireplaces as well since this is an independent sound box that plays a looped recording of fire crackling noises.
Answered by Staff
Average customer rating:

Dorothy McLaughlin Verified Purchase

Apr 8, 2017

We love our electric fireplace but had wished we could enjoy some sound. This little gadget fills the bill...easy to use, adjustable volume level, runs on batteries and can be placed anywhere. Our only criticism is the "loop" is short and obviously repetitive. If there could be more random variation it would greatly add to the enjoyment. Overall it's a good little device and reasonable investment which contributes to the ambiance.
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Eric Verified Purchase

Jan 24, 2017

It's the perfect thing to compliment the electric fireplace experience.

I didn't order it when I first ordered my fireplace. As soon as I used it a couple times I knew I wanted the sound effect to enhance the realism.

Very pleased with it.
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Chris Heinen Verified Purchase

Aug 27, 2017

Anyone who says this sounds fake is nuts. I saw other reviews on other websites and questioned my purchase. Once it came I was instantly satisfied. If you set it with the speaker down on the surface and turn it almost all the way up on full volume. Not the whole way just like a 1/8 away from full volume it it the perfect sound. So relaxing.
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It is small but output enough sound. Our friends thought our electric fireplace is real because of the sound.
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Colin Barnett Verified Purchase

This really does sound like a crackling fireplace, and if it is a sound loop, that is not evident. I am quite impressed. Highly recommended.
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