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Add value to your home with an electric fireplace

Add Value to your Home with an Electric Fireplace!

When people think of increasing the value of their property they seldom think of fireplaces. Most people focus on their bathrooms, kitchens, and yards. While all of this is correct, improving a living area will also increase the value of your home. Fireplaces have been in American homes for a very long time, you can add tradition, culture, and value to your home with an electric fireplace and we will tell you why!

Electric Fireplaces are Super Easy to Install!

For starters electric fireplaces are much easier to install than conventional fireplaces. Unlike having conventional fireplaces built, walls do not need to be broken down, and chimneys do not need to be cut out from your roof. Electric fireplaces consist of two main components, the fireplace mantel or fireplace cabinet and the electric fireplace insert/heating unit. Simply insert the electric fireplace insert into the fireplace mantel and you are done!

All of our electric fireplaces feature a standard three prong electrical plug that can be plugged into any household outlet. Most electric fireplaces will come with a convenient remote control that allows for instant heating of any room with the touch of a button. We all know how much installing a traditional fireplace will cost and how difficult the entire process will be. Save time, money, and enjoy the convenience of an electric fireplace that will provide the same enjoyment, warmth, and ambiance of a traditional fireplace.

Keep Your Home Clean with an Electric Fireplace!

Traditional fireplaces require hefty maintenance and routine cleaning. The amount of soot and ashes that can accumulate in your chimney and hearth over the years is staggering. For those that do not routinely clean their fireplaces, the left over ashes and soot eventually travel and make their way back into the home in the form of micro dust particles that may cause allergic reactions. Storing wooden logs over time may also attract insects such as termites, once your home is infested with termites it is extremely costly to have them exterminated and removed.

Entertain your guests with a real fire and enjoy the crackling of real wooden logs however the after math is no fun, these burned logs need to be cleaned, the chimney must be cleared, and the hearth must be cleaned as well. Electric fireplaces are powered by electricity and emit heat at an impressive 4600 BTU's. That's enough heat to provide warmth in any room of your home. Not to mention there is no off gassing, no cleaning, no maintenance, simply plug in your electric fireplace and enjoy! All electric fireplaces also feature state of the art synthetic LED flames that flicker and dance just like real fire, this means that you can enjoy the same traditional ambiance without the cleaning and maintenance that a traditional fireplace requires.

Save Money on your Energy Bills and Live Fuel with an Electric Fireplace!

Traditional fireplaces require live fuels such as wood and or coals, these fuels are not cheap and can quickly add up to a staggering amount of money spent at the end of the year. Having a traditional fireplace installed in your home is easily over ten times the cost of our most expensive electric fireplace. Gas fireplaces are also certain to raise both your gas and electric bill, and as we all know gas is definitely not cheap.

Electric fireplaces are cost effective in that they operate off of the same amount of electricity as a household coffee maker. Enjoy the same ambiance, warmth, and visual appeal from an electric fireplace and spend much less. The cost of running an electric fireplace is roughly 11 cents an hour, the cost of running a traditional fireplace or gas fireplace is much more expensive as log fuel and gas fuel are much more expensive (not to mention the cleaning and maintenance that is required).

Electric Fireplaces are Much Safer to Operate! Traditional fireplaces feature live fire and hot embers that are extremely dangerous in any home. Sparks of fire are common place when running a live fire and can shoot from the hearth to your rug and or furniture and start a fire in one's home. This is definitely not something that anyone should have to experience first-hand! Flying embers can also cause injury when they come in contact with skin, protect your younger ones as they are notoriously known to be attracted by the pretty flames of live fire. An alternative to this is that one can shield the flying embers from traveling too far from the hearth with fireplace screens.

Electric fireplaces do not burn with live fire and hence will not have flying embers or hot burning wood logs. Electric fireplaces feature state of the art LED flames that flicker and dance just like live fire. Their source of warmth is inside the sturdy electric fireplace insert which produces and emits up to 4600 BTU's of heat. They are safe to the touch and easy to operate, if one bumps into the electric fireplace they can feel free to bump into it again as the chances of being burned by live fire is zero! Protect your loved ones, your home, and friends with an electric fireplace as they are safer, cleaner, easier, and more convenient to operate, and will offer the same warmth and enjoyment of a traditional fireplace.