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Benefit of Converting Wood and Gas to Electric Fireplace

Benefit of Converting Wood and Gas to Electric Fireplace

For most, the word "fireplace" conjures up comforting images of curling up by the fire with loved ones or wintry nights sitting by the fire reading a favorite book. It is no wonder we think of the fireplace as the hearth and heart of our home. However, for most people in the warmer parts of the country, a traditional gas or wood fireplace is left unused for most of the year, causing dust to collect that can cause smoke hazards or even potentially fatal, yet unnoticed gas leaks. But with today's exponentially growing technological advances, there is a solution to having the same exuberating warmth and comfort from a fireplace with a fraction of the cost and pollution that a traditional fireplace creates.

Hassle-Free Installation & Maintenance

If you've had to clean a traditional fireplace and chimney, you know first-hand how tedious it can get - with even more excruciating costs to hire a professional to do it. Traditional wood fireplaces cause smoke to build up in the chimney or even leak out into your home. That beautifully comforting smoke from the fire can transform into a nasty source of pollution in both your home and the environment. Besides the pollution, traditional fireplaces take up a large amount of room, with the amount of wood that you need to keep around to feed it. Imagine being able to use that side of the house you use to store your wood pile for something else.

Unlike traditional fireplaces, today's modern fireplaces can be turned on at the touch of a remote button. They're smaller, more versatile, and can be installed and maintained without so much as producing a frown on your face. These electric-powered fireplaces not only cost less than the average wood or gas stove, but they also produce no smoke, use no gas, and can give you full heating capacity within seconds. You don't need a contractor to install it, so you get the same heating effect with realistic flames for ambiance effect at a fraction of the price it would cost with traditional fireplaces.

Environment Friendly

In today's environmentally conscious world, the preservation of the planet's forestry is of utmost importance when it comes to the products we use. Traditional wood fireplaces consume wood like we consume water, and each piece of wood consumed by your fireplace produces smoke, a source of air pollution that can be prevented.

With smokeless electric fireplaces, no rainforest tree was harmed in its production and usage, and they can supply your home with up to 4700 BTU's an hour. This is enough energy to warm 400 ft2 in your home. Because of their affordable prices and easy installation, these electric fireplaces are great for tuning down the costs you accumulate from gas consumption and thermostat control.

Creating The Same Traditional Comforts

Today's electric fireplace heaters and electric fireplace logs are quickly becoming popular with consumers with an environment-conscious mind-set. A house is transformed into a home, your home, when everyone gathers around the fireplace. With these energy efficient fireplaces, you can enjoy modulated warmth all year round and still get the intimate comforts that come from traditional fireplaces. Say goodbye to the gas leakage, soot-ridden chimneys and ghastly costs of traditional fireplaces and say hello to the modern comforts of living with electric fireplaces.