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Saving Energy Tips for Your Home

How to Save with Energy Efficient Electric Fireplace

The weather outside is getting frightfully cold, and with energy costs these days getting increasingly higher, it may seem rather difficult to stay warm and toasty without burning an irreplaceable hole in your pocket. Turning the thermostat up means more energy costs, while starting up that fireplace invites all the smoke and soot into your home. So how do we stay warm in this cold weather?

Technology has given us a great deal of comforts, and one of them is the electric fireplace. Rather than spending tons of money on wood or energy costs, an electric fire place allows you to quickly install a wall-mounted fireplace into any size home, giving you constant heat without the enormous energy costs or air pollution.

Saving Money While Weather-Proofing Your Home

Turning on the thermostat means an enormous increase in your energy bills because it heats your entire house. But like most families, not all rooms are occupied or require heating, so simply keeping your thermostat at the minimum is a quick and easy way to reduce your energy costs. If you live in an older house or apartment, the thermostat may not have been in use for years and turning it on means circulating old dust and allergens into your home.

Most homes get built with a traditional fireplace, but keeping a fire running is both expensive and messy. Keeping a wood fire burning in your home depends on how much wood costs, which usually raise during the winter. Not only that, cleaning and maintaining a traditional fireplace is highly expensive, with the need for professional cleaning to ensure safe operation.

Electric fireplaces are a great way to give your home localized heating that is both consistent and energy-efficient. It costs a mere 8-12 cents an hour to operate an electric powered fireplace, which is about half the cost for keeping a fire burning in a traditional fireplace. Occupied rooms stay warm and comfortable without the need to warm the entire house. Because they use only electricity, there is no emission of soot, dust, allergens, or smoke into your home. Most electric fireplaces are easy to install and you don't need any professional assistance to maintain its operation.

An Eco-Friendly Solution to Heating

While we all love the crackling of traditional wood fireplaces, they create an enormous mess with the amount of soot, ash, and wood chippings that you would later have to clean up. They also pose a fire risk if the chimney is blocked or improperly cleaned. Wood burns quickly and in order to keep our homes at a consistent temperature, you would have to purchase a lot of wood that would take up a lot of space to store.

Modern technology has transformed this tedious process into something that can be turned on and off with a touch of a button. Because electric fireplaces use a minimal amount of energy to produce an enormous amount of heat, you won't have to worry about cleaning the chimney or burning away pounds upon pounds of wood and inhaling the smoke it produces. These electric fireplaces look like the real thing, but they produce absolutely no emissions into the air that you breathe and cleaning gets almost completely eliminated.